How to Get a Spotless Clean in Every Hard to Reach Area of Your Home

There is a spot in every home, a poor, neglected dusty corner that gets left behind every cleaning day. Most likely, it is the top of a cabinet, ceiling fan or behind a couch. Hard to reach spots you’ve meant to clean for weeks if you could only reach them! While a little dust isn’t a big deal, it can cause trouble over time, especially for those with allergies.

To help you clear your home of germs and allergens, we’ve rounded up some of the best cleaning tips and handy cleaning tools to help you clean and tackle even the hard to reach places in the house.

Your Ceiling

Cleaning dust and cobwebs from the high corners of a ceiling can be a tricky job. Use the extension wand on your vacuum to reach up high and suck up the dust and cobwebs. If you have an extension hose and extender wand like a wand extension you should be able to reach even the highest corners without the need for a ladder. You are also able to put your cleaning attachments on the end of your extension wand, so you do not damage your ceiling or walls.

Crown Molding and Corners

Crown molding is the intricate trim between where the ceiling meets the wall. In some older houses, it can come in detailed patterns that can easily catch dust and grime. To clean them, you’ll also need a soft bristle dusting brush for your vacuum that can reach up to the corners. A long reach duster can help get into those high corners and make your crown molding look like new.

Inside Cabinets

To get the inside of your cabinets spotlessly clean, empty out everything inside and give the inside a once over with a vacuum dusting brush with a duster for hard to reach places. If you still have a bit of grime, get a clean damp cloth and wipe down the cabinet before putting everything back inside.

On Top of Wardrobes and Cabinets

The top of the cabinets is one of the most challenging places to clean. Luckily, the e-cloth dusting and microfibre wand is here to help you out. The wand can bend at different angles to reach up and collect dust from on top of high places. You can also use a vacuum attachment made for reaching those tough spots and suck the dust-up.

Under Furniture

Under beds and pieces of furniture can accumulate a lot of dust over time and it is a pain to move them every cleaning day. The best way to handle this job is to move any objects underneath out of the way and then clean the area with a wand attachment tool. This tool will let you reach far under furniture and under your bed to get rid of dust and allergens.

Under Appliances / Behind the Fridge

To clean under heavy appliances, a long reach microfiber duster or extendable duster or a flexible crevice tool will change your cleaning experience. It can reach far under stoves and catch those crumbs that fall when you are cooking. You can also use a microfiber cloth tied around a broomstick with a rubber band. The microfibre trap dust and crumbs and can slide easily under most appliances.

Clean Air Vents

To clean thin air vents in your heater, all you need to do is wrap a damp microfibre towel soaked in cleaner around a knife. Slide the knife through the vents and slide the cloth along. You’ll breathe easier and be surprised at how much dust accumulates.

Clean Your Blinds

Blinds can be a nuisance to clean. Easily get between each blade with a damp microfiber cloth wrapped around a pair of tongs. Secure the fabric with a rubber band and then slide the open tongs between the blinds to easily wipe away dust and dirt from both sides at the same time. For maintenance after cleaning, look at an attachment with extra soft, long bristles, such as the Miele SUB 20 dusting brush.

Clean Behind the Toilet

Cleaning the spot behind your toilet can be awkward. Use the Miele flexible crevice tool with your vacuum to suck up dirt and dust around your toilet. To clean behind, you need a mop for hard to reach places or use a microfiber cloth to wipe the area with some antibacterial cleaning product to clear away germs and bacteria.

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

The microfibre e-cloth is also great to use to clean ceiling fans as it traps dust before it can fall and make a mess. It can bend to reach above the blades and easily slide along. You can also use an old pillowcase and slide it over the fan blades to clean the dust and keep it in one place.

Computer Keyboard and Electronics

Keyboards can get very dirty, very quickly. Turn your keyboard upside down to dislodge any loose crumbs that may have fallen. Run a piece of Post-it-note with the sticky side out between the keys to pick up any remaining bits or go over the keyboard with the dusting attachment on your vacuum.

For more cleaning tools to help you get your home spotlessly clean, look at our newest vacuum models. We have live experts ready to answer any of your questions so Contact us about attachments and products to help clean those hard to reach places in your home.