What Can You Do With A KitchenAid Mixer? 

The KitchenAid Mixer is a baker’s best friend. However, there’s a lot more to this appliance than cakes and cookies. Read on to learn about the KitchenAid’s diverse attachments that can do everything from knead doughs to stuff sausages.


Knead Dough

If you’re a keen baker, there are plenty of exciting attachments beyond the standard paddle. For example, the twirling KitchenAid dough hook is a fantastic tool for anyone making their own bread. While kneading bread dough by hand is terribly labour intensive, a dough hook makes the task a cinch. 

Make Ice Cream

Yes, you read that correctly: a KitchenAid can make ice cream! 


The Ice Cream mixer attachment is roughly half the cost of an average home ice cream maker without sacrificing any of the quality. 


For the best results, make sure to freeze the bowl ahead of time. Also, please note the KitchenAid Ice Cream mixer spins faster than most other ice cream makers, which makes a fluffier style of ice cream. 

Roll Pasta 

There are two KitchenAid attachments to help you make your homemade pasta. First is the pasta roller, which flattens out your pasta dough into thin sheets. The roller will let you decide how thick you want the dough, depending on the kind of pasta you’re aiming for. 


Next, is the pasta cutter attachment. This simple attachment can cut whatever style of noodle you’d like, from lasagna to linguine. 

Fold Ravioli

Speaking of pasta, one of the KitchenAid’s best attachments is the Ravioli Maker. This attachment simplifies the usually laborious process of making homemade ravioli. Simply put your favorite filling into the scoop, and your sheet of pasta into the roller, and you’ll be cranking out some delicious ravioli in no time.

Process Food

The KitchenAid mixer has an attachment for processing food, turning the mixer into an entirely different appliance altogether. The KitchenAid food processor runs a bit slower than some other food processors, but this makes it ideal for handling cheese, vegetables, and fruits. 


Unlike regular food processors where you have to load and unload the machine, this food processor deposits the shredded food right into the mixer bowl. This means you can shred a lot of food in quick succession, maximizing efficiency. 

Grind Meat

Ever wanted to make your burgers at home? How about making your fresh ground meat for chili, tacos, or meatloaf? Freshly ground meat can elevate your cooking, but a dedicated electric meat grinder can cost you $200 or more. KitchenAid’s meat grinder attachment is roughly a quarter the price, letting you easily whip up delicious burger patties without needing to use a hand crank.

Shred Cheese

Now that you’ve got your amazing home-cooked burgers and tacos, you’ll want something to top them with. Thankfully the KitchenAid Mixer comes with a cheese shredder attachment. This will save you the annoying choice of having to choose between more expensive pre-shredded cheese or hand grating it yourself. If you’re serving a lot of people, the best option is an easy and fast shredding attachment like this one. 

Stuff Sausage

The KitchenAid attachments don’t end with just grinding meat. Just like the ravioli maker elevates your pasta game, the sausage stuffer will take your meat preparation to a whole new level. The sausage stuffer works in concert with the food grinder attachments, letting you easily put that ground meat into a sausage casing. What’s even better is the attachment comes with multiple attachments, letting you make big juicy bratwursts or sweet, thin breakfast sausages.

Make Vegetable Ribbons

There are so many amazing recipes online that call for sheets or ribbons of vegetables, either as a healthy alternative to pasta or as a wrap for delicious stuffings. Trying to make these sorts of vegetable ribbons by hand is a recipe for frustration. However, with the Vegetable Sheet Cutter or Spiralizer attachments, you can confidently create sheets and ribbons of zucchini, cucumber, apples, or any number of fruit and veg.


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