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e-Cloth Home Cleaning Microfiber Set - 8 pc

Green Chemical Free Cleaning

The Home Cleaning set comes with 8 cloths, each specially designed for specific surfaces in your home. A kitchen, stainless steel, range / stove top, bathroom, (2) glass / polish and dusting cloths complete this collection. These cloths are ideal for customers looking for a green and renewable cleaning solution. With e-cloth you just use water, protecting your home from harmful and expensive chemicals. This is a must have starter pack for anyone looking for a better and safer way to clean their home.

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Product Information

Kitchen Cloth - This cloth comes with 2 different materials for multiple surfaces. The large majority of the cloth is ideal for any surface and standard kitchen messes. There is a small scouring non-scratch pocket of the cloth that is designed for tougher grease, grime, food or any other stuck on dirt. This part is designed for more direct scrubbing

Stainless Steel - This brushes and polishes your stainless steel and chrome appliances. Softer fibers combined with stiffer fibers help remove the bacteria and dirt rooted on the pits.

Range / Stovetop - Designed for tougher grease and grime removal commonly found on your main cooking appliances. This cloth also features dual texture with a combination of soft and stiffer fibers.

Bathroom - Super absorbent, these extra thick cloths are great for water, dirt and bacteria removal.

Window - Designed for windows, vinyl, window frames and painted wood. These cloths offer a streak free shine while removing dirt and bacteria.

(2) Glass / Polishing - Engineered for use after other e-cloths. This cloth removed moisture and leave a clean polished, streak free finish.

Dusting Cloth - These fibers have a natural positive charge that actually attracts dust and dirt to the fibers. The soft construction allows for maximum capture and ultimate cleaning of dust and loose dirt.

Fiber Construction - Each fiber in the Home Cleaning set are designed to provide optimal cleaning and drying power. The microfibers are 1/200th the diameter of a human hair. The individual fibers are constructed into 8 piece designs. This allows them to trap and remove the finest of particles.

Cloth Construction - All cloths in the Home Cleaning set consist of polyester and nylon fibers. Each cloth has 1.6 million fibers per square inch. This makes for a more dense and higher quality cloth. This is why e-cloth cloths can break down and hold more dirt, grime and bacteria than other brands. They are also guaranteed to last 300 washes (at least).

Environmental - The use of non-disposable microfiber cloths are exponentially better for the environment than paper towels or other disposable counterparts. Each cloth in the Home Cleaning 8 piece set are guaranteed to last over 300 washes. Thats a lot of savings for both you and the environment.

Green Cleaning - No chemicals necessary. Just use water to avoid bringing potentially harmful chemicals into your home. Indoor air pollution and even environmental damage can be caused by some modern day cleaning agents.

  • 12.5" x 12.5" Kitchen Cloth
  • 12.5" x 12.5" Stainless Steel Cloth
  • 12.5" x 12.5" Range Stovetop Cloth
  • 12.5" x 12.5" Bathroom Cloth
  • 12.5" x 12.5" Dusting Cloth
  • 15.5" x 15.5" Window Cloth
  • (2) 16" x 20" Glass / Polishing Cloth
  • Kitchen Cloth
  • Stainless Steel Cloth
  • Range / Stovetop Cloth
  • Bathroom Cloth
  • Window Cloth
  • (2) Glass / Polishing Cloth
  • Dusting Cloth
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e-Cloth Home Cleaning Microfiber Set - 8 pc

e-Cloth Home Cleaning Microfiber Set - 8 pc