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Riccar vacuum parts and accessories to replace worn parts or make your cleaning task easier. Free shipping over $25
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Riccar Parts/Tools

Need a part for your Riccar? We have you covered! If you are in need of a part that you do not see here, please contact us as we can order any part still available directly from the manufacturer.


The Highest Quality: Riccar Parts and Accessories

Riccar has designed their replacement parts and accessories as their vacuums- to last the duration. Unlike traditional brands, when a Riccar part breaks you only need to replace the part that was broken, instead of the entire machine. We love this, as this is less waste, and less discarded items in landfills. When purchasing genuine Riccar parts and accessories, you will have the peace of mind that you are purchasing the highest quality item.


How Often Should I Change my Vacuum Belt?

We recommend changing your belt every 6-12 months. A simple belt change will keep your brush roll lasting its full lifespan, and your vacuum picking up all debris in its path. Please note that higher pile carpeting will use your belt faster than lower pile carpeting. If you have higher pile carpeting in your home you should change your belt at least every 6 months. Lower pile carpeting homes will have a longer lifespan, and you should change every 6-12 months.