The Best Touchless Vacuums

Touchless vacuums are the robotic dustpan you didn’t know you needed. Because these innovative machines are often overlooked, we thought we’d shine a bright light on them, specifically outlining what they are and why they might be right for your home. We even compiled a list of the best touchless vacuums on the market today. Let’s dive in.

What Are Touchless Vacuums

Touchless vacuums (sometimes called “stationary vacuums” or “electric dustpans”) look like sleek, modern garbage bins, often sitting discreetly in a kitchen corner. On the front of the machine is a vacuum mouth and sensor. Any time you sweep dust and hair near the mouth of the machine, the sensor turns the vacuum on and sucks up the debris.

Touchless vacuums work hand-in-hand with brooms and are intended for everyday sweeping. They’re ideal for hardwood apartments, homes, offices, or salons that require daily cleaning. 

Thanks to the machine’s automatic sensor, you never need to bend over to use a dustpan again. Nor do you need to deal with those annoying dustpan dirt lines.

The Best Uses for Touchless Vacuums

Touchless vacuums are perfect for high-traffic areas with hard flooring such as wood, tile, cement, or vinyl. You’ll commonly find them in mudrooms, kitchens, shared offices, and salons.

Households with cats and dogs will especially appreciate the convenience of a touchless vacuum as it cuts down on fur and shedding. We also recommend families with young children invest in these machines to help alleviate daily cleaning. Finally, the elderly and those with bad backs often appreciate these electric dustpans because they no longer have to bend over when they sweep.

The Best Electric Dustpans on the Market

Below you will find the best electric dustpans on the market today. 

The EyeVac Home

The EyeVac Home is a classic choice when it comes to touchless vacuums. This functional machine has a compact 3.8 litre canister, making it ideal for home use in kitchens, play rooms or offices. It features a strong 1000 watt battery, powerful suck, and is extremely easy to empty. Finally, this sleek device comes in a wide variety of shades including white, silver, tuxedo black, and matte black.

The EyeVac Professional

THe EyeVac Professional is the EyeVac Home’s bigger, stronger brother. This tireless machine has a 1400 watt battery, granting it even more suction. The canister also features an extra litre of storage so you don’t have to empty it as often. With both manual and hands-free activation, the EyeVac Professional is functional enough for commercial use in offices, restaurants, and salons.

If you don’t have a lot of spare room in your home, the Sweepovac stationary vacuum can be a great choice. This vacuum is designed to fit conveniently into the bottom of your cabinets. Sweepovac will also include a template of the cutout to make installation as easy as possible. Operating this touchless vacuum simply takes the tap of a switch with your foot. It also shuts off after 10 seconds in order to conserve energy. Once it’s full you can simply pull out the drawer to change it. 

Vacuum Cleaner Market is Your Vacuum Expert

In summary, a touchless vacuum can be a great solution to cut down on cleaning time and effort compared to sweeping or vacuuming. If you need something that can help you maintain cleanliness on a daily basis in a home full of kids or pets, these are some of the most viable choices in helping you do that. 

If you have any questions about vacuum technology, you can contact us here. Or if you are looking for top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners, take a look at our extensive collection by need, type, or brand.