Blender vs Food Processor: What's Right for You

At first glance, blenders and food processors appear to do the same thing: chop, mince and blitz food. However, the two types of appliances are distinctly different and have different culinary applications. Let's discuss those differences, and outline which is right for your home.


Blenders are often tall gadgets with vertical blades. These blades reduce food to small particles and then whirl them around. 


As the name suggests, blenders are great for pureeing solid and liquid food together. While you could use blenders for drier recipes such as a pesto, they tend to work best when a substantial amount of liquid is involved and the blades produce the signature vortex effect. For example, blenders are most commonly used to puree soups, pulverize frozen berries for smoothies, and the ice in frozen margaritas. 

Food Processors 

Food processors have a shorter, wider bowl than blenders as well as distinct S-shaped, flat blades. However, unlike blenders, the blades can be altered depending on the task. 


Food Processors have a variety of speeds allowing even more customization depending on the recipe you're making. These incredible machines have a wide-variety of applications, thanks to their various attachments.They're often used to make condiments like fresh mayonnaise and dressings, velvety dips, and simple purees. They can be used to shred cheese, dice vegetables, and even crush nuts and seeds.

When to use a Blender vs Food Processor

As previously mentioned, blenders generally fare better when a substantial amount of liquid is called for, for example in soups, smoothies, and cocktails. Their tall jar helps prevent liquid from splashing, and their powerful blades make short work of ice and frozen fruit. More unique applications for a blender include salad dressings, tomato sauces, and some pancake batters. 


Food processors on the other hand are better for dry food. Their customizable speed and blades are ideal for slicing and dicing as well as shredding, mincing, and even emulsifying. As mentioned, food processors are commonly used to make creamy dressings, fluffy dips and hummuses, purees, pestos, and peanut butter. Swap out the blades and the appliance can be used to shred and dice a variety of fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meats. Finally, high-end appliances are often powerful enough to make icing sugar, bread crumbs, and nut flours.

The Best Blender in 2021 

As far as the best blenders in 2021 go, we're big fans of the Oster Classic Series 8-Speed Blender. This powerful machine comfortably fits 6 cups in its container and has 8 speeds depending on the task at hand. The durable Oster is a cinch to clean and even comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Alternatively, individuals only interested in making breakfast smoothies and the odd cocktail might be interested in the small but mighty NutriBullet. This handy appliance can fit 24-ounces and has a 600 watt engine to make short work of any frozen or solid ingredients. Finally, the container itself doubles as a mug, cutting down on cleanup. 

The Best Food Processors in 2021


Interested in purchasing the best food processor for your home? Look no further than the Brentwood 3 Cup Food Processor. This compact model can accomplish almost any culinary task such as homemade hummus, but doesn't take up half the space a commercial-grade food processor would. We particularly love how easily the appliance can be taken apart for simple, thorough cleaning.


If you're specifically interested in chopping and shredding vegetables, we recommend the Black and Decker Glass Bowl Chopper. This mighty tool has a 300-watt motor, making short work of any produce you'd rather not prepare by hand.


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