Why Miele is One of the Best Vacuum Brands in the World

Miele’s German slogan “Immer Besser” translates to “forever better”. And they’ve lived up to the motto. Check out the reasons why Miele is one of the best vacuum brands in the world down below.

Lifetime Durability

Miele vacuums are made to last. They are constructed with ABS plastic which is what is used to make football helmets. As a result they have created a chassis that is virtually indestructible and able to stand the test of time. In fact, Miele offers all of their customers a 7-year warranty on the shell and motor. 


Their German engineered Vortex motors are also tested to last a minimum of 1000 hours or an average of 20 years for residential use. All of this combined makes them well worth the investment. 

High Cleaning Performance 

The most basic thing a vacuum cleaner should provide is powerful suction, and Miele vacuums are no exception. Some models are made to tackle specific tasks like hardwood or area rugs. Other models are designed to be versatile and cover a wide range of surfaces. 


One of the greatest features of Miele vacuums is that they are able to easily pick up dirt with one single pass. No more standing there and vacuuming a single spot over and over again like you’re used to with less powerful vacuums.


Miele provides such top-rated performance that the Miele Compact C2 was named Best Canister Vacuum 2021 by Consumer Reports.

Addresses Allergy Concerns

The Miele C2 and C3 lines are both capable of using HEPA filtration systems, as well as feature a sealed system meaning that no dust or air can escape from the canister. Not only does the filter and high-quality dust bag contribute to air quality filtration, but Miele vacuums also have a micro motor filter as well. Many people who have asthma or allergies can benefit from the use of a Miele vacuum in their home. 

Customizable for Any Need

While the motor usually stays the same between canister variations, there are other factors that can be customized for your Miele vacuum. There are as many as 13 different brushes as well as 10 other attachments available. 


Miele provides either non-electric or electric attachments. Non-electric attachments are pretty standard in the vacuum world and you should already be pretty familiar with them if you’ve owned a vacuum before. Miele’s non-electric attachments do not generally feature a brush and are primarily for hardwood flooring. 


Their electric attachments have their own motor which powers the brush. If you have thick, plush carpets, you will want to go with this option. Each attachment varies in style and size, so you can pick the one that can suit your needs the best.

Highly Mobile and Convenient

While canister vacuums may be seen as outdated, hefty and inconvenient, Miele vacuums are anything but. Miele canister vacuums are still made to be under 10 lbs not including the hose and cleaning head. This makes them one of the best options on the vacuum market in terms of size and weight. 


In addition, Miele vacuums have easy mobility, you will be able to turn them on a dime while vacuuming under furniture or around corners. All Miele vacuums come with different attachments that are also specialized in certain tasks and cleaning areas, such as dusting the blinds or reaching tighter areas. 

In Conclusion

Miele is an award-winning brand that produces only the top performing vacuum cleaners out there. From performance all the way down to their incomparable customer service, purchasing your very own Miele vacuum is an investment that you can be confident about. 

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