Sometimes the vacuum attachments that came with your unit aren't enough to really get down and dirty getting your home clean. 


  • Can't reach that tough corner around your desk without moving it? 
  • Frustrated with your inability to effectively clean pet hair off your upholstery? 
  • Need a head that's great for cleaning your car?
  • Vexed because you aren't able to vacuum inside tiny crevices?


Good news - There's a vacuum cleaner attachment for that!


Read on to learn about our favorite vacuum cleaner accessories in our online store and how they can help you ensure you're reaching dust in every nook and cranny of your home.


Flexible Crevice Tool


Ever wish your vacuum head could bend to get under the couch easier or navigate around corners? Many vacuum lines have flexible crevice tools that are stiff but able to bend, such as our generic Flexible Vacuum 24" Crevice Tool that fits onto standard 1.25" (33mm) hoses.


We also carry flexible crevice tools for specific brands, such as the Miele Flexible Crevice Tool and the Dyson Reach Under Vacuum Tool.


Upholstery Tool 


Underwhelmed with your vacuum attachments ability to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair from your upholstery? Or worried that the bristles on your vacuum head are doing harm to your delicate fabrics? One of these upholstery specific vacuum heads might do the trick.


We carry generic vacuum upholstery tools that fit onto standard 1.25" (33mm) hoses, both without a brush, and also one with a removable brush so you can also use it to dust. However, for true crumb cleansing power, you need a vacuum head with a spinning brush roll.


Our Fitall Air Driven Turbo Tool is designed to fit onto many premium vacuum cleaners with a 1 ¼" opening and has an upholstery-safe spinning brush to scoop up all the little bits in your couch. We also carry brand-specific roller brush attachments, such as the Miele STB 101 Mini Handheld Turbobrush, and Riccar's Fur-Get-It Pet Hair Remover Upholstery Tool

Dusting Brush


Your vacuum may include a dusting brush attachment - but are you worried that the bristles might be doing damage to your floor or furniture? If you're looking for something a little gentler, we carry a Generic Vacuum Dust Brush that fits onto standard 1.25" (33mm) hoses and is made with all-natural horsehair for a gentle touch.


We also carry dust brush accessories for specific vacuum lines such as Miele, Carpet Pro, and Simplicity


Have a radiator in your home and have a Miele vacuum? They also have a vacuum brush designed specifically for radiator cleaning.


Extension Wand


Sometimes it's not a matter of your vacuum heads - maybe your vacuum just needs a little extra length to reach into some of those deeper and higher places. That's when an extension wand comes in handy.


We carry a generic 9" Vacuum Extension Wand made to fit onto standard 1.25 (33mm) hoses, and also carry products for specific brands such as Riccar, Simplicity, SEBO, and more!




Ever wondered if you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean your computer keyboard? Or that gap between your fridge and cabinets that's just too thin to get your normal attachments through? Our last featured item is a Micro-Tool Accessory Kit that fits onto standard 1.25" (33mm) hoses and will allow you to do all of that, and more.


This kit includes various attachments designed to help you navigate different tight spaces: 2 hose end adaptors for the tools, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a flexible hose, 2 small extension wands, and an extra small dusting brush. Never worry about that stubborn dust in hard to reach places again! Miele has its own micro-tool accessory kit as well. A quick operator's note - it's important that you turn down your vacuum's power level when using these attachments so you don't put stress on the motor.

Shop Accessory Kits on Our Store

We hope this article has opened your eyes to the wide world of possibilities for the busting of dust in your home. Many vacuum brands also have accessory kits that include several different attachments for various purposes.


Miele is the king of accessory kits, offering a combination of attachment heads for various purposes and models including a home care accessory kit, an allergy and asthma kit, and a cat and dog accessory kit. 


SEBO also has a series of accessory kits, including the Sebo Set X designed for hardwood floor, and the Sebo Felix series that includes a hose extension and a dusting brush.


We encourage you to take a look through our online vacuum store and chances are, whatever your needs are, we can help. Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.