Dyson Space Heaters - Kick Cold Air to the Curb


Dyson Space Heaters - Kick Cold Air to the Curb


Nobody likes chilly toes - particularly when trying to relax in your own home! For those whose home has insulation issues, improperly sealed windows, or living in a rental apartment with weak heating, a Dyson heater is just the ticket to keep Winter chill where it belongs - outside!

Dyson products are a symbol of quality, and the Dyson Hot and Cool fan heaters are a versatile addition to any home. 


Why You’ll Love Dyson Fan Heaters


Dyson completely reinvented the vacuum with its cyclonic technology and applied this same level of innovation to rethink the portable space heater. 

Most electric space heaters work by heating an element and blasting the air into the room using convection or a fan. Many of these units simply don’t work well, particularly in large spaces, either failing to heat the room up altogether or leaving cold spots in areas, requiring you to buy more units and waste more electricity. 

Dyson uses diffused heating to warm the room evenly and utilizes a powerful long-range jet of air via its Air Multiplier technology to project the heat all over the room, while also being whisper quiet. At the same time, these units also employ HEPA filtration to clean your air of up to 99.7% of airborne particles and allergens.


How Does Dyson Air Multiplier Heating Work?

Dyson’s space heating technology feels like it’s out of the space age. These rotating tower fans are safe for kids and pets since they have no external fan blades, and the heated ceramic plates generate cold air directly around them so the fan will never get hot enough to burn anyone. 

Their Air Multiplier technology accelerates the air intake up to 15 times to heat the room efficiently and also quietly. Air is drawn in at the base of the tower, and accelerated over an airfoil-shaped ramp, inducing air behind the fan. This creates a long-range jet of air that can be laser-focused and project straight out or projected out over a wider angle for more even heating.


Heating in Winter, Cooling in Summer

Why buy a separate fan and space heater when you can have both in one? 

While many tower fans do have both heating and cooling, they don’t benefit from the Air Multiplier technology. When the hot and humid summer rolls around, your Dyson Hot and Cool will be able to project cold air to all the corners of even the largest rooms.


Bust the Dust, 

Unlike regular fans that accumulate dust on the blades or grill and blow it around, the Dyson Hot and Cool Fan is a godsend for those who have allergies. The loop amplifier and air intake are both easy to clean with an eCloth and all air is HEPA filtered before being expelled, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not making an allergen problem worse.


Which Dyson Hot and Cool Unit Should You Buy?


Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan HP01

Enrich your home’s air quality with Dyson’s HP01 3-in-1 purifying heater and fan. A certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly Fan, it has the ability to sense and capture airborne particles as well as eliminate 99.7% of allergens and pollutants due to its HEPA filter. 

This fan can smoothly rotate 180° and tilt, spreading up to 53 gallons of air per second. This bladeless design is also a built-in safety feature as parents, grandparents, and pet owners no longer have to worry about dangerous blades ever again!


Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan HP04

Enrich your home’s air quality with Dyson’s HP04 purifying heater and fan. On top of the completely sealed HEPA filter, there is an additional charcoal filter removing household odors. Easily view your air quality levels and exactly what kinds of allergens and particles lie dormant in your home by reading the LCD display on the fan. It will tell you the amount of dust, pollen, mold, household odors, and various other particles it is able to sense.

This fan can tilt and smoothly rotate up to 350°, spreading up to 77 gallons of air per second. Backward airflow consistently purifies the surrounding air without cooling or heating while forward airflow has the capability to heat, cool, and purify. 

View real-time reports and remotely control your machine by using the Dyson Link app, even when you’re not at home! View the temperature of the room and remotely start or stop your Dyson fan with ease.


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