SEBO Vacuum Reviews: Upright and Canister 

If the SEBO brand isn't one you recognize, you're not alone. Their vacuums are manufactured in Germany and the brand isn't popular in the U.S. SEBO vacuums are renowned for their state-of-the-art cleaning capabilities for both carpet and bare floors, hospital grade filtration, and come with some of the best warranties available for vacuum cleaners. To navigate this new brand, we picked some of our favorite models for pet hair and everyday home cleaning.


SEBO Vacuums for Pet Hair 




  • Special 10/7/10 Warranty and Extra Value Pack! 
  • For All Floor Types 
  • Extra Pet Tool 
  • Charcoal Filter for Pet Odors 


The SEBO Automatic Premium Pet X7 is perfect for mixed flooring homes, but especially for those with pets running around. In addition to the 3 standard cleaning attachments, this Pet model comes with a handheld turbo brush for tackling upholstery your pets rest on. For the pet messes that can't be directly cleaned, there's an extra charcoal microfilter that works wonders on pet odors. 

Say goodbye to deeply embedded hair; this machine is equipped with an automatic height adjustment mechanism that uses an electronic controller to detect the amount of resistance the brush roller is having on the specific floor surface, and then signals whether a higher or lower adjustment is needed. Only the premium X7 models such as this one come with the Brush-Mode button, resulting in deeper and more aggressive agitation to guarantee all pet hair removed by the powerful suction. 

Easily accessible parts make it simple to do quick repairs, all of which don't require tools or a technician! The Premium Pet X7 is part of SEBO's Onyx Collection, boasting an impressive 10/7/10 warranty: 10-years non-wear parts, 10-years motor, and 7-years labor! 

As a bonus to all these great features, you can get a SEBO value pack with even more tools for pet messes. To take advantage of the great warranty and value of this model, give Vacuum Cleaner Market a call to special order! 




  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • For All Floor Types 
  • Extra Pet Tool 
  • Additional Extension Wand 
  • Retractable Cord 
  • While the SEBO Airbelt K3 Pet Model Vacuum Cleaner is a mid-size canister vacuum cleaner. Its carpet cleaning power head and hard surface floor brush allow it to zoom through all floor types. Just like the Premium Pet X7, this model includes an extra handheld turbo brush that acts as a mini power head to clean upholstered furniture where your pets shed a lot. 


Onboard tools, adjustable suction on the handle, and the soft Airbelt bumper guard are just a few of the great features of this canister. The 25-foot retractable cord gives a total cleaning radius of nearly 40 feet. Combined with the extra 20-inch extension wand included exclusively with this pet model, you can reach areas of your home you never could before. 

The K3 Pet and Premium Pet X7 are both great for pet hair, but this canister is quieter and easier to maneuver. It comes standard with a 5-year warranty, so the X7 may be the better choice if you're someone who enjoys the peace of mind behind a long warranty. 


A SEBO Vacuum for the Everyday Clean 




  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • For All Floor Types 
  • Automatic Height Adjustment 
  • 40 Foot Cord 


Our homes are covered in bare floors, carpeting, and rugs. Instead of constantly switching attachments, SEBO designed its X4 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 9558AM with an automatic height adjustment which allows you to seamlessly transition from carpeting to hard surfaces. 

The instant-use wand and suction hose easily snap on to the 3 included cleaning attachments and give a lengthy 8 feet to work with - perfect for furniture. We also carry an optional 9-foot extension hose to create a total hose length of 15-feet, allowing you to leave this SEBO vacuum at the base of your stairs and get to work cleaning them! On top of all these cleaning capabilities, you'll get an extra-long 40-foot cord to stop outlet hopping. 




  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Air Driven Model 
  • For Bare Floors and Low to Medium Pile Carpeting 
  • Onboard Tools 
  • Large Bag Capacity 


The Airbelt E2 Turbo Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, quiet machine with top-of-the-line suction performance. It comes with a turbo carpet attachment and bare floor attachment to effortlessly clean bare floors and low to medium pile carpeting. As an air driven model, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to use but may struggle a bit when going over high pile carpeting. 

A 37-foot cleaning radius, a nearly 1-gallon capacity bag, and 3 onboard tools mean there's no need to stop while cleaning, as everything you need is within close reach! The clog indicator and soft start feature protect the vacuum's motor to greatly extend its life. The vacuum is further protected by the soft foam bumper that prevents scratches and scuffs against the machine, furniture, and walls. 


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