What To Do With Juice Pulp

What To Do With Juice Pulp

Juicing is an incredibly popular way to help meet daily vitamin and mineral needs. Not to mention, it’s downright fresh and delicious!. 


However, if you’ve ever cold-pressed a carrot, you know there’s a mountain of fiber by-product created—better known as pulp. 


To the chagrin of home bakers and DIY diehards, juice pulp is usually thrown in the trash and compost, wasting what can be a great source of fibre. However, even if you can’t drink it, there’s still tons of fun and delicious answers to the question of what to do with juice pulp. Today we’re squeezing out just a couple suggestions on how to use juicer pulp. So read on, and juice on!


Wondering what to do with carrot pulp after you’ve made a healthy glass of carrot juice? Spoil yourself with some baking! Carrot and apple pulp are both great for baking, and can be used in recipes for muffins, cakes, loaves, and more. 

Make some patties 

Not all pulp recipes are baked goods, of course. Pulp from juicing sweet potatoes and beets can be cooked up into healthy and delicious vegetarian burger patties or fritters.

…or maybe some pancakes 

Banana pancakes are a staple breakfast food, but with leftover pulp you can start experimenting. Pear and apple pulp are some of the most popular to mix in, but you can also go the veggie route for something more savoury, making use of zucchini or carrot.

Improve your soup game with mirepoix...

You don’t have to wrack your brains to find a way for all that pulp to be the star of the show, of course. If you were wondering what to do with carrot pulp, or other veggies often used for cooking like green peppers, red peppers and celery, their pulp is just as good for mirepoix. Bonus: no chopping necessary! 

… or with vegetable broth 

Most vegetables commonly juiced can also be used in stocks and vegetable broths. The broth can then be used in all sorts of soups, stews and chilies. 

Whip up some dip...

If you’d rather turn your pulp towards snacking purposes, a lot of vegetable pulp can find a good home in many delicious dips. A perennial favourite trick is to add the pulp of cucumbers to yogurt as a way to whip up some delicious homemade tzatziki.

...or some ice cream and sorbet

Maybe you’re thinking of a sweeter treat? Pulp from passion fruit has long been a secret in many amazing homemade ice cream recipes, being particularly popular in South America. 

Or just freeze it!

If home made ice cream seems a little too ambitious, you can use fruit pulp as the basis for some great popsicles. You can even just toss the fruit pulp into ice cube trays—either keeping it ready for some future recipe, or as a great infuser to drop into your water on hot days.

Don’t forget your pets

You don’t need to keep all the delicious treats to yourself, of course. With just some juice pulp, flax seeds and oat flour you have the base for your own dog biscuits, saving you money from having to buy them at the store. (If this is making you hungry instead of your pup, don’t worry - there are tons of recipes for using juice pulps with oatmeal for human snacks as well)

Grow for the next batch of juice

Can’t think of anything you’d want to do with the pulp? Just focused on getting your juice? Well, if you grow plants, juice pulp makes a fantastic base for fertilizers. Put some in your garden to help your veggies and fruits thrive, creating a sustainable cycle of delicious and nutritious juices. 

Ready to start juicing?

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