2021 Robot Vacuums


Robot Vacuums in 2021: Has The Technology Improved?


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, robot vacuums are here to stay. And after years on the market, we figured it was time to re-assess these bitty borgs. Read on for a thorough assessment on whether robot vacuum technology has improved.


What is a robot vacuum?


As discussed in our last robot vacuum blog post, these helpful machines are flat, rechargeable disks that can be programmed to lightly clean while you’re away or asleep. Using smart technology, they map out your home and clean within predetermined parameters. In theory, they will avoid staircases and rough terrain like thick carpets.


Robot vacuums were invented to complement your weekly or biweekly cleaning regime. They were never intended to replace your standard vacuum. Rather, their primary benefit is sucking up light, daily debris such as pet hair, loose dirt, and that one rogue pea under the table.


How have robot vacuums improved?


Heading into 2021, robot vacuums are still intended for daily maintenance. In other words, they still aren’t a replacement for your standard vacuum. But after years on the market, improvements have been plentiful. Here’s a breakdown of some of the robot vacuum’s best improvements:


Improved cliff sensors 


Unlike earlier models, today’s robot vacuums are less likely to tumble down the stairs. Improved built-in sensors can now detect “cliffs” and prevent countless oopsies. Most robot vacuums also come with discreet, adhesive floor and ceiling strips so you can block off areas you don’t want your device to go. And if you have a complicated floor plan, extra strips can be purchased.


Improved obstacle sensors


On top of cliff sensors, 2021 robot vacuums also have improved obstacle sensors. They are located on all sides of the device, ensuring it never runs into walls or furniture. Not to mention, these sensors aid the vacuum’s ability to navigate trickier landscapes such as the labyrinth of lost dog toys under your coach.


Improved suction


As mentioned, robot vacuums are intended to tackle light vacuuming—remember that frozen pea? While that’s still the case, newer models continue to get stronger and suck harder. In fact, some of the models we carry such as the iRobot Roomba 655 Pet Series can easily swallow small to medium stones and twigs. But be careful: these stronger models are also capable of scurrying off with valuables such as keys, coins and small toys.

Improved battery life


Battery life has also improved. In years gone by, owners of robot vacuums would wake up to find their devices zonked-out in the middle of their kitchen floor. Unable to complete their daily routine due to a drained battery. 


Today’s robot vacuums have longer battery life and built-in, auto-recharge systems. Take the Miele Scout RX2  for instance. This device has a 60-minute runtime and can easily skate across 860 sq ft before it needs to auto-recharge.


New side brushes


In 2021, almost all robot vacuums are equipped with side brushes. Side brushes allow the device to reach into nooks, crannies, corners and historically out of reach places. On the aforementioned Miele Scout RX2, the device has two retractable side brushes as well as a rotary brush. 


New cleaning modes


The final improvement we’ve noticed on most robot vacuums are new cleaning modes. Of course the tried, tested and true ‘Auto’ function is still available. However, in 2021 you can also program your robot vacuum to tackle hard to reach places with ‘Corners’, do a quick clean-up with ‘Spot Clean’, or even double the sucking power with ‘Turbo’.

Our Top Robot Vacuum Models in 2021


Now that we’ve discussed the robot vacuum’s many improvements, let’s take a look at some of the best models we sell today.


iRobot Roomba 655 Pet Series

Pet owners will love this mini-cleaning companion. It tirelessly zips around your floor, sucking up dirt, debris and, yes, pet hair. This particular model has a unique 3-stage cleaning system—agitate, brush, and suction—ensuring your floors are well taken care of. This is our most wallet-friendly option.


Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This extraordinary robot vacuum is the first commercially available device by leading home-appliance brand Miele. We adore this model for a few reasons. First, it uses smart systematic cleaning to ensure every square inch of your floor is covered. Second, the Miele RX1 Scout’s battery can run for 2+-hours before it needs to recharge. That’s enough juice to thoroughly clean 1600 sq ft. Finally, this device comes with a remote control that allows you to manually drive the robot vacuum.


Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

While the aforementioned Scout RX1 was Miele’s first design, the RX2 is its refined younger brother. All of the RX1’s best traits can be found in the RX2 with additional features such as AirClean filtration. Also, the first model’s remote control is complimented with a user-friendly app consumers can download onto their Apple or Android smartphones. 


Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The final robot vacuum cleaner we need to talk about is Miele’s Scout RX2 Home Vision. This is the brand’s latest design. It boasts all of its predecessors’ best traits (quattro-cleaning, unique modes, a downloadable remote control app etc) with one major bonus: its battery lasts 2+-hours and can clean up to 1600 sq ft without recharging.


Interested in purchasing a robot vacuum in 2021?


After years on the market, robot vacuum technology has made exceptional strides. Not to mention, prices have become more competitive. If you’re interested in ordering your own robot vacuum in 2021, we recommend browsing our wide range of devices here. Happy vacuuming!