Picture of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner on hard flooring

Robot vacuums are all over social media and online as being the BEST way of cleaning. But are they the latest trend or the best bang for your buck?


What are Robotic Vacuums?

Robotic vacuums are small, rechargeable machines, that clean your flooring automatically. With simple programming, these machines learn your homes boundaries and flooring changes to clean your surfaces while you are away. Robotic vacuums are advertised to clean as being time effective and able to clean as effectively as a standard vacuum.



  1. Robotic vacuums are affordable, and you can get a machine that will last anywhere from 3-5 years.
  2. Easy to program, and are like having a built-in house cleaner.

  3. Robotic vacuums lessen cleaning time. They are programed to clean while you’re at work, while the kids are at school, or even while you are sleeping.

  4. Able to pick up dirt, debris, pet hair, and anything that comes in it’s path.

  5. Small, and can get under furniture easily. These machines are quiet, and do not alarm children or pets.



  1. Pick up anything in their way- legos, paper clips, toys… and picking up these items damages these machines. So floors need to be free of toys/debris you don’t want your machine to collect.
  2. Made to be used inaddition to your regular cleaning schedule. Yes, you will still need to vacuum your home regularly.
  3. Battery life is a concern with these machines, and you will have to replace the battery before your machine dies. Make sure you do your research on the brands that have the best battery life, and which are the easiest to replace (some brands don’t sell replacement batteries!).

Pro and Con

These machines should also be emptied as much as possible- depending on how often you program it to clean, and how much debris they are cleaning . But emptying prolongs the life of your machine, so this could be considered both a pro and a con.


child and mom playing on floor with robotic vacuum


Are Robotic Vacuums Worth My Money?

If you are looking for extra help in cleaning, a robotic vacuum will do exactly this.

In conjunction to regular vacuuming, (yes you still have to vacuum with a standard machine!), robotic vacuums are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.


These machines keep dirt, debris and pet hair at bay during non-cleaning days at a time that works with your cleaning schedule. These machines are excellent for parents and pet owners as you won’t have to pull out your large vacuum every day to pick up small debris.

Robotic vacuums may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for help and want to lessen the amount you have to clean each week, a robotic vacuum would suit you well.


What Robotic Vacuums Do We Recommend?


Our favorite robotic vacuum is the Miele RX1 Scout Robotic vacuum, as Miele has one of the best warranties on their robotic vacuums: 2 years. The Miele brand is also known for it’s high quality, function, and ease of use. This model was the easiest we found to program, the most quiet, and it comes with strips to keep the vacuum off rugs/play areas, which we thought was a nice feature. You can read more about our favorite robotic vacuum here.