Why Buy Genuine Miele Bags


Is there a reason you should purchase genuine Miele bags? Does it actually make a difference?


Short Answer: Yes. Only Purchase Genuine Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags.

No, we aren’t trying to upsell you on more expensive bags, we promise.

When you purchase generic bags for your Miele vacuum, you compromise not only on the filtration and bag life for your vacuum, but you risk damaging your vacuums motor. Generic bags may seem more cost-effective, but in the long run they will cost you more in vacuum repairs. Generic bags do not fit in your vacuum bag clip the way genuine bags do. This fit issue, along with the 1 ply layer cloth of the bag, allows debris to leak into the body of your vacuum. This debris can / will seep into your vacuum motor. Over time, this debris will build up inside your motor. This debris is what causes your vacuum to die prematurely. Generic bags also do not have a self-close sealing system. Meaning when you remove your vacuum bag your machine, dust seeps back into your home while you carry it to your trash. This is not recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Did You Know?

Using generic bags in your Miele are one of the most common reasons for needing to replace your Miele's motor. Motor replacements start around $150, and go steadily up from there depending upon your model.

Generic bags void your Miele vacuum warranty. You read that right. Using generic bags will void the warranty for your machine. Miele has some of the largest warranty aspects out there. These warranty aspects come in handy when needed, and are costly when voided.


What’s So Good About Genuine Miele Bags?

Genuine Miele bags, not only fit as intended inside your bag clip, but they are HEPA filtered. They have 9 layers of filtration, and have Miele’s patented pleated technology and are self-sealing. All of this means that the debris you are cleaning up, goes through 9 layers of HEPA filtration (your bag), then through your 2 vacuum filters (pre and post motor filters), before any air is released from your vacuum and back into your home. When changing your bags, Miele’s self-sealing system closes your bag, allowing nothing to escape your bag. So if you carry your bag all around your home, nothing escapes your bag. This is extremely important for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Less debris escaping to your vacuum motor, means your motor stays clean, and operating as intended. This is also why it’s so important to change your vacuum bags and filters regularly. Just a small habit of changing your bags and filters regularly, will keep your Miele operating just like new for years to come. Most of our customers find that their Miele’s last on average 20 years! 


Aside from Miele’s HEPA filtered bags, their pleated bag technology allows the bag to not only fit into your machine easier upon installation, but allows you to fill your bag to a greater capacity. Genuine Miele bags are bigger than generic bags. This means less bag changes, more life out of your bags- and less money spent in the long run.


Don’t be fooled by less expensive bags on the market. When dealing with the Miele brand, the experts have all found genuine Miele bags to be the best, and most economical purchase.


Genuine vs Generic Miele Vacuum Bags