Allergy Season is Coming - Get Prepared - Own Miele Vacuum


pet allergiesDoes anyone in your family suffer from seasonal allergies? How about asthma? Maybe you’re just having a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or just want to provide your family with healthy indoor air quality. Everyone knows a healthy diet can improve long term health and smoking cigarettes can reduce your life expectancy, but the invisible dangers (mold spores, microscopic dust, pet dander, ect) can also be harmful to your health and can be eliminated with the proper technology. Air purifiers are great for filtering air and cleansing your home, but your vacuum cleaner plays a huge role in removing and trapping indoor air pollutants. No vacuum brand is more renown for their air filtration than Miele.

Pollutants in the home

In the day and age where consumer are beginning to eat organic or shop “all natural”, an often overlooked essential to healthy living is improving the air you breathe. Childhood allergies, asthma can often be attributed to air pollution. Irritation and discomfort can be eliminated just by improving indoor air quality. It is inevitable that microorganisms will find their way into your home. Using a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to remove and trap these pollutants is a vital key to your health. Many vacuums made nowadays claim to be “HEPA” or designed for pets and animals. The truth is most of these vacuums do a poor job at filtering some of the truly dangerous pollutants found in the home.

What not to look for in a vacuum cleaner

Bagless vacuums have been a growing trend the last couple of years. The convenience of emptying a dust canister seems more appealing than changing vacuum bags. The problem encountered is that the emptying and disposal of the dust compartments means you’re releasing the dust you just captured back into the air. These vacuums only use a series of filters, meaning if you do not make every effort to keep these filters clean, they do not maintain peak filtering performance. Most vacuums also leak air into your home in the middle of the filtering process. When air is leaked back into your home before it has a chance to go through the entire filtering process, it practically defeats the purpose of having quality filtration at all. The final thing you look for in a HEPA vacuum is the ability to remove all the pollutants to begin with. This starts with powerful suction and great versatility. To effectively remove pollutants and filter them from your home your vacuum must first be able to suction up and remove the debris and microorganisms.

What makes Miele Vacuums the Ideal HEPA vacuum

Miele vacuum cleaners  are constructed and designed with indoor air quality in mind. A 1200w vortex motor offers industry leading suction, easily removing unwanted debris on your flooring, furniture and other household obstacles. Disposable 9 ply cloth bags capture and contain dust and larger particles picked up. Air is forced through 2 different filters, 1 of which is a HEPA filter (optional on all machines). This HEPA filter removes up to 99.9% of microns .3 in size and larger. Finally the Miele S8, S6 and S7 (excluding the Cat/Dog) all offer completely sealed vacuum units. These machines ensure users zero air gets leaked back into your home before going through the entire filtering process. Miele vacuum cleaners boast a 12 stage filtration process, making them the perfect solution for maintaining the highest of indoor air quality.

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