If you are not 100% sure which vacuum cleaner you should buy...This Quiz is for you! We designed this for customers who do not want to do hours of research and try to decipher which vacuum is best for them. We have done thousands of hours of take our word for it.

Here is how it works

STEP 1: You tell us your flooring situation

STEP 2: We give you 3 results that fit your every need and desire

STEP 3: You look over the 3 vacuum options and decide which of the 3 great options is perfect for you

STEP 4: Purchase the vacuum and enjoy a better clean, healthier home and less time spent cleaning.

vacuum selector quiz

Our Quiz consists of 4 simple questions and can be completed in about 30 seconds (or less). We ask you simple questions about your home and about your special needs (allergies, pets, ect). We then show you the 3 vacuums we would recommend. It is really that simple!!

This is the same process that we go through when talking to customers on the phone or in person. Our plan is to provide a virtual buying experience to help make the confusing process of buying a vacuum cleaner as easy as point and click.

Visit our Vacuum Quiz page HERE for a couple more details.