Miele Vacuum Reviews Part II: What is the best Miele Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors?

If you just installed new hardwood flooring for your home - or if you've had it for a while and just want a better way to take care of it -- the best investment you can make to help insure your flooring keeps that bright new shine is to find a great vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

In my opinion, after working in the vacuum industry for 35 years, there is only one company that can be relied on for safely vacuuming hardwood floors. That company is Miele. To make sure that your flooring is protected while vacuuming, the Miele Vacuum Cleaner line was build with no expense spared. 

Miele Canister Vacuums Work Best on Hardwood Flooring

Within the canister vacuum industry Miele Vacuums are the undisputed leader. Miele Canister Vacuums come with a variety of options to fit every users specific needs. Here are a couple Miele Vacuums that we feel are best for the vacuuming hardwood floors.

When it comes to vacuuming hardwood floors, canister vacuum cleaners work better than upright vacuums. This is because they're built with hard flooring in mind and come with the appropriate tools to not only get the job done but to get it done safely and without damaging delicate flooring.

The Miele Calima – Our Top Pick

The Miele Calima is our top pick if you have mostly hardwood flooring and maybe a few area rugs or rooms with carpeting. The Miele Calima C3 model comes from the new Miele S8 Series, which is second to none in technology and performance. The Miele Calima comes with standard features like 6-Stage Suction Control and 3D Bumper Guard to help protect walls and furniture while vacuuming.

What really makes the Calima great on hardwood floors is the rubber wheels (which all Miele Canisters have) and the SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Brush. The SBB 300-3 is an amazing tool on hardwood floors. It has a 12 inch cleaning path and is capable of rotating 90 degrees. The SBB 300-3 is truly the best tool on the market for dealing with hardwood floors. The Miele Calima also comes with the Miele STB 205-3 Turbobrush. The Miele STB 205-3 is and air driven turbo head that is great on area rugs and low to medium pile carpet. At a price of the $649.00 the Miele Calima is a great investment in protecting your delicate hardwood floors.

A True HEPA Vacuum

The Miele Calima is a true HEPA vacuum. It comes standard with a Miele HEPA Filter the Calima is capable of filtering 99.97+ of microns .03 or greater in size, which is great for allergy sufferers, pet owners, or people who just love clean air.

Miele Calima S8390

Our Second Recommendation – Miele Capri

Our second vacuum recommendation for hardwood floors is the Miele Capri S2121. The model is priced at $399.00 and performs amazingly on hardwood floors. The Miele Capri is in the Miele C1 Series and comes with SBB Parquet-3 Floorbrush and the STB 205-3 turbo brush. These brushes are a great combo to handle not just the hardwood floors but area rugs as well as low to medium-pile carpet. The Miele Capri has rubber swiveling wheels that do a great job in helping to prevent floor scratches that typically result from some lower quality vacuums.

HEPA Filter - An Optional Addition to the Miele Capri

The Miele Capri does not come with a Miele HEPA Filter but one can be purchased and installed for under $50, making it capable of filtering the air down to 99.97% of microns .03 and smaller. Or, in non-scientific terms, that means that the air leaving your vacuum is a lot cleaner than when it went in.

In Conclusion: Protect Your Hard Wood Investment – Look for a Miele Vacuum

When it comes to protecting your hardwood flooring investment, we recommend you only look for a Miele Vacuum. The models mentioned above are just a couple of our recommendations -- and best sellers. There are many more models that are simply amazing and will fit your needs. Browse our full line of Miele Canister Vacuums