Is it appropriate to purchase someone a vacuum cleaner as a gift? I have another question to ask you…..Does a chicken have hard lips? The answer is YES and YES. Vacuum cleaners make the perfect holiday gift for your wife, husband, children, grandparents, total strangers or anyone else that has floors in their homes. Gentlemen, while we do not recommend buying your wife a vacuum for Valentine's day (unless you like sleeping on the couch)...we have 4 main reasons you’d be a fool not to purchase one for the Holidays. Trust us…..nothing spreads the Yuletide joy like a new HEPA vacuum cleaner..


vacuum cleaner as a gift A gift the whole family can enjoy

Throw that decrepit old vacuum away and get something that actually cleans. We can promise you that right now your family is living in fear. Fear of wearing dark clothing. Fear of sitting on the couch in their nice new black Cashmere sweater and getting up with a fresh new winter coat comprised of Old Yeller’s recent sheddings. A cleaner house is something everyone in the family can appreciate. Make sure you have the tools to properly do it.


You can’t afford not too

Practical gifts are the best gifts. Don’t splurge on something you will use once and never again. We have polled tens of people and found 86% of human beings want a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. If you don’t believe us just call and ask us, we will tell you again so you know it’s true.



It’s almost like you’re giving the gift of “time”

Cleaning is hard and no “sane” person enjoys it. Make an investment in your future and buy the vacuum that fits your needs. It saves you time, increases cleanliness and lifts the burden. Even Ebenezer Scrooge can get down with this reason.


They’ll never expect it

If you want to ensure you’ll get that surprised look on your loved ones face upon opening up their present on Christmas morning, then make it a vacuum cleaner (add some spare bags if you're feeling extra jolly). Join the revolution and break the mold by getting them something that can actually clean the mold. 70% of the time every time, the best gifts are something someone would have never bought for themselves.


Here at we have been dominating the holiday season for years now. Help us keep our “elves” busy this year and think about a vacuum cleaner for a present this year.


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