Installing a Miele HEPA or Charcoal Filter

Upgrading Your Miele to a HEPA Filter

Do you have a Miele vacuum cleaner? Do you want to upgrade to a HEPA or Charcoal filter? Once you know what to do, it’s very easy! Here are all the steps, along with visuals, and a video to make upgrading your Miele filtration, easy :). 

 Video Tutorial on How to Change Your Miele HEPA or Charcoal Filter

CLICK HERE To Watch Our Video on: Changing or Upgrading Miele HEPA / Charcoal Filters


Step 1:

Remove the entire housing for your AirClean filter.

You are going to take out the top/bottom honeycomb like sandwich that houses your AirClean filter. To do this, you are simply going to grab it, and pull up and towards you.

 Removing your Miele AirClean filter housing

Step 2:

Keep the AirClean filter encasement and a spare AirClean filter. You might forget to purchase a HEPA filter, or want it in the future. Don’t throw it away, and never use your vacuum without a filter in place. 


Step 3:

Purchase the correct HEPA or Charcoal filter for your machine. 


Step 4:

Install the HEPA/Charcoal filter in the space where you just removed your AirClean filter encasement. There are protrusions on your HEPA filter, that will line up with indentations in your Miele vacuum cleaner. 

With the HEPA/Charcoal filter writing facing you, push your HEPA/Charcoal filter toward the back of the machine, then press down, towards the floor.

 Installing a Miele HEPA or Charcoal Filter

Step 5: You may or May not hear a “Click”

If your HEPA/Charcoal filter fits in the space, and you are able to close your lid, then your HEPA/Charcoal filter is securely in place. If you cannot close your lid, then make sure your HEPA/Charcoal filter is firmly pressed down. You may or may not hear a click when you install your new filter, and it will take a little pressure. This is due to the rubber seal around your HEPA / Charcoal, which ensures you have a very tight seal and no air escapes the sides of the filter.


Step 6: The AirClean Filter

If you have upgraded to a HEPA/Charcoal filter, you no longer need the AirClean filter.

You will NEVER use this filter if you have a HEPA or Charcoal filter. Do not install the AirClean anywhere in your machine.

This AirClean filter is Miele’s base level filtration, and you can toss this filter.


Step 7: Your Motor Filter.

You WILL however, still need to change your motor filter (the spongy filter with the cut lines) every 4 bags, or every 1 box. This filter is located inside the canister body opposite where your bag clips into, or behind your bag if you have an upright or a stick vacuum. This motor filter and an AirClean filter are included with each box of Miele bags. 


Please Note:


Classic and Upright Models Take:

-SF HA 30 HEPA Filters

-SF AA 30 Charcoal Filters


Compact and Complete Models Take:

-SF HA 50 HEPA Fitlers

-SF AA 50 Charcoal Filters

 Miele SF HA 50 HEPA Filter and SF AA 50 Charcoal Filter Miele SF HA 30 HEPA Filter and SF AA 30 Charcoal Filter








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