The Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Buying - PART 4 of 4

Part 4  -  How much do I spend and understanding the true value behind the price?determining value of a vacuum cleaner

There is no way for us to calculate personal value but we can tell you the factors we point out to our customers to help them make the best buying decision for their needs within their means. There are price considerations to be made and then you have to factor in another set of variables to decipher true value.

Measurable for all

  • Cost - The cost of a unit is easy to factor. You take the total price of the vacuum cleaner and then divide it by the average lifespan of the vacuum cleaner. For instance a $500 vacuum cleaner that lasts an average of 10 years equals $50 per year. Then you must factor in supplies (bags and filters) to the cost and you can get the total per year.
  • Versatility - This is the vacuum cleaner's ability to clean multiple flooring surfaces. If you purchase one vacuum cleaner that can clean both hard flooring and carpets, then it holds the same amount of value as a customer who has a canister for their hard flooring and upright for their carpeting.

Custom factors w/ different values for each individual

  • Quality - What we mean by this is the quality of the clean. How well the unit performs. This is a combination of suction (air flow) and flooring fit. Powerful vacuum cleaners with the proper flooring attachments = quality clean. This could also include having the proper attachments and functions for specialty cleaning (drapes, furniture, baseboards ect.). Some customers will value a truly quality clean, while other customers accept a “ok” clean as long as the bulk of the dirt is gone.
  • Luxury - These are the unique features that make your life easy. Automatic suction controls, automatic height adjustments, full bag and filter indicators, cord winders, headlights and any other feature that does not directly affect the cleaning performance but can save you time and just make the process of cleaning easier. Many of the higher end vacuum cleaners come with lots of bells and whistles to make cleaning not such a burden.

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