Summer Cleaning Hacks


How to keep your home clean, ALL SUMMER … With kids!



Summer. The time where cleaning schedules go to die.




Or so you thought....


But it doesn't have to be this way!


You can have a clean home. All summer long. Without sacrificing the kids to summer camp. Or losing your sanity. 






With summer comes a change in schedules. I know, you’ve just gotten your home clean, organized, and clutter-free and with the kids home more, this puts a wrench in your cleaning abilities. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? 




Summer cleaning doesn’t have to be a unique cleaning happenstance, but it does take a little planning. But I promise it will be quick and painless. Sit down and look at your summer schedule. When are you home the most/least? When are you home alone? When are all the kids home? Get the averages of these, and use these while creating your summer cleaning schedule.


So grab a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Or your smartphone, and sit down and look at your summer schedule. 


What does your summer look like? What days are you home or not home?



Get the averages of these, and use these while creating your summer cleaning schedule.




Start Now.


Have you heard the saying "Failing to plan is planning to fail? Well, it directly applies to summer cleaning. If you don't take a few minutes to plan your strategy, you are going to feel overwhelmed and stressed. So avoid these feelings, and take the time to map out your summer, and the summer chores you want to keep, remove, and add. Hey, you already have a pen and paper, right? Ain't no time like the present! 




Stick to Your Schedule.

You’re probably thinking, “yeah, right, this is stupid, there is no way I can do what I’m doing now in the summer.” and with that attitude, you are probably correct.

With a few changes, it’s possible. It will also be less of a burden when transitioning back to school schedule. So with one less thing to have to plan, this will be a godsend.

If you dust on Monday, vacuum on Tuesday, and mop on Wednesday, keep doing this. You might have to change the times at which you do this but keep this schedule. If you have a busy week, combine 2 items into 1 day. But keep your cleaning schedule alive! 

Never got around to making a cleaning schedule? Here are some free printables to get your started. 




Set up a rotating playdate schedule with your kids' friends.

A rotating playdate schedule will allow you to run errands, clean, and get things done sans kids.

If you have enough people involved, you might only need to watch additional children 1 day a week, or even every other week, and have your kids involved with other children the other 4 days a week!

This is a great, free, resource, that has your kids with their friends. What's not to love about that?



Keep The Kids Current Chore Schedules.

If your children have current chores, keep their schedule.

If they need to make their beds, brush their teeth, etc, before breakfast, keep this routine.

Only take away the chores not needed, such as homework time, and replace with another item, such as reading time, or laundry.


By keeping their current schedule, you will not only ensure these chores are completed but will avoid confusion/backlash when school starts again. Are you sensing a theme yet?

Keep it simple, baby!



Involve The Kids.

The summer is a great time to introduce more chores, as kids have more time, so use this extra time wisely.

While adding more chores, make sure the kids have everything they need for their new/current chores. Such as, if you are adding laundry, make sure they can reach all supplies. If you are adding taking out the trash, make sure they can reach the trash cans and trash bags, etc.

A great idea we have seen is creating chore baskets.

For each chore, there is a basket with a description of the chore, and everything needed to complete the chore.


You can find examples of how to create these baskets/buckets, here and here.



Clean As You Go.

Sounds simple, but after you return from the pool or beach, it’s easy to throw everything in a pile and continue on your day. But then those glorious piles multiply... and you're left with a disaster.

Instead of creating piles, before any new activity is started, have everyone put their items away where they belong.

Just had a day at the pool? Everyone's suits and towels should be in the laundry room, and all swim items should be where you store them.


This will save your floors from piles, help everyone find their items when needed. This will also teach children to pick up before starting another task.



Make 'Em Work For It.

With more free time, this is the perfect opportunity to come up with a list of chores that you would like completed, but haven’t had time for.

Raking the yard, cleaning the banisters, weeding the side-yard…. Create your list and assign a price you will pay for each chore and post them so they are easily viewed in your home.

You can also create a chore board with the chore and the monetary value assigned.

We found some nice examples with free printables here and here. This is a great way of not only getting things done around the house but teaching children to earn spending money by completing a task. 



We want your summer to be enjoyable, stress-free, and clean.

Implementing these simple tricks will keep your home clean, organized, and save your sanity.


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