Simplicity Vacuums

The Simplicity Vacuum Company makes quality machines and quality replacement parts. has been an authorized dealer and warranty station for Simplicity vacuums for years – both online and with brick and mortar stores in Northern California in Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

We stock the full line of Simplicity Vacuum bags and supplies and can proudly say that Simplicity Vacuum has a strong commitment to customer service -- which has been nothing short of responsive, fair and friendly in our many years and experience in working with them.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA with high Quality Parts Simplicity Vacuums has a strong commitment to American made parts. Simplicity is one of the last vacuum companies to make their machines in the United States. This makes Simplicity Vacuums not only of top-of-the-line "American Made" quality – but also a pioneer in domestic job creation. Simplicity uses top-quality materials to build their products, which extends their life far beyond the average plastic-made vacuum of today. Their upright models -- including Symmetry, Synchrony, and Synergy -- have powerful suction provided by their durable, all-metal motors.

Versatile for All Cleaning Needs

The Simplicity Freedom Vacuum line sets the trend in the lightweight vacuum cleaners. Weighing only eight pounds, this powerhouse machine picks up dirt on all surfaces with self-adjusting height control. Simplicity offers different models of these upright vacuums, which allows customers to customize the vacuum to its needs. Versatile for all types of cleaning, Simplicity vacuums provide users with a long hose and multiple tools.

Simplicity For Pets & Allergy Sufferers

For users with pets, we recommend purchasing a model that includes a metal brush roll to ensure high performance and durability when removing pet hair from surfaces. Simplicity Vacuums have gone against the trend of bag-less vacuums due to what they sacrifice in suction and performance over the lifespan of the vacuum. Simplicity’s bag and filter systems keep your vacuum running and operating at full efficiency for the life of the vacuum with filtration that's not attainable or sustainable in a bag less model. Simplicity offers users multiple options for Simplicity vacuum bags and filters to fit every user’s needs. Top performing Simplicity HEPA cloth vacuum bags are for the pet owner or the allergy sufferer. These paper bags are for users with simpler needs. They provide a cheaper option while still maintaining high filtration. Users also have a variety of Simplicity filter options to remove even the finest level of dust pollution from the air in your home.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Simplicity vacuums provide consumers with options that fit all needs -- from pet owners and allergy sufferers to housecleaners and simple needs customers. Simplicity's Unsurpassed Customer Service The one part Simplicity does not give an option to is the quality, care and customer service you will receive throughout the lifetime of your vacuum. The Simplicity line is one of our favorite to carry and work with for this reason! Call us today at our store with any questions – we're open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 1-877-819-6857.