We are all about maximizing and simplifying your cleaning routine. Now more than ever, it's apparant just how important clean, safe air is.


Your home should be your safe space, not another stressor.





Along with a vacuum that filters your homes air while you are cleaning (we recommend adding a HEPA filter to every machine), it's also recommended that you add an air purifier to your home as well. This will filter your homes air when you are not cleaning.


Did you know indoor air is heavily contaminated?  We spend 90 percent of our time indoors, where the air quality is frequently as poor as at a busy intersection. There are up to 20 million particles in 10 cubic meters or 50 square feet of interior air. In comparison, street air is 20 times less contaminated. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor pollution as one of the five greatest environmental risks to our health.


For those of us who live busy lives, it can seem daunting to have to now worry about air quality in the one place you should be able to relax and feel safe. We have added a wide array of our preferred air purifiers, fans, and fan / purifier combos. All to make your life healthier in the most simple way.



Boneco air purifier

Our Preferred Brand of Air Purifiers: BONECO

Boneco is a family owned and operated company that has been in business over 60 years. Their company began in the garage of their founder, all family run, and quickly expanded. The Boneco company has designed their products to be sleek, modern in appearance, easy to maintain and built to last. We believe in the Boneco company values and the quality of their machines and replacement parts. With a variety of filtration levels to choose from, we have found the Boneco brand to be completely customizable to our customers unique needs. 

"Healthy air is a commodity that will be even more important, scarce and sought-after in the future.”


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dyson air purifiers and fans


Our Preferred Brand of Fans: Dyson

Dyson bladeless fan technology is a game-changer. Dyson fans are hygenic (no blades to clean), easy to clean and operate (did we mention there are no blades to clean?!), and can be programmed to use when you need them.

An amazing feature that sets the Dyson fans apart is their higher end fans are abe to be operated when you are not even in the room- via a remote! This is an excellent feature for pet owners. And have you ever not wanted to wake up the baby while they are sleeping? Well, now you have full control over your cooling and air cleaning abilities. 

Dyson hot +cold fans use streamlined paths to seamlessly produce a powerful airflow. Each fan comes with 10 different fan speeds for all situations and needs. The bladeless design has a sleek look, is safer during operation and is also exponentially easier to clean. Dyson fans run up to 75% quieter. They also have cut energy consumption between 40% -10% between the different models. This means more efficiency and less pollution.