The holiday season is upon us! How is this real life??



To make the holiday's a bit easier this year, we are giving away free gifts with your purchases for the month of November!



Because, who doesn't love free.  

 vacuum cleaner market free gifts with purchase


Looking to Purchase a Vacuum? 


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vacuum cleaner market november free gift coupons 

For Orders Over $200: Use Code VACUUM18. 

Receive a starter kit of our favorite microfiber cleaning cloths. (It might be tough to initially get excited about microfiber cloths), but these are green-certified, eco-friendly and guaranteed for over 300 washes! These cloths are the deepest clean, cleaning over 99% of germs and pathogens without chemicals. These are our favorite method to clean your home- and a $40 value- Free for you! 


For Orders Over $50: Use Code CLEANER18

Receive a vacuum fragrance. These non-toxic, chemial free, vacuum safe granules can be added directly to your vacuum bag or dust cup, or sprinkled onto your flooring and vacuumed up. These granules eliminate that "vacuum smell" and are our favorite at removing pet dander smells from vacuum bags. 


These coupons are good for November 2018 purchases. Any questions? Call, email or chat us!