New Years Cleaning Sale


It’s that time again! Time to put away the holiday decorations and get the house clean for the New Year! 


We know cleaning up isn’t the most enjoyable task, but we have put together a list of our favorite cleaning products based on our customers 4 biggest cleaning challenges in the New Year: 


  1. Holiday Grime and Sticky Messes: e-cloth GIVEAWAY with qualifying purchase!
  2. Hard to Reach Areas: Are you using your vacuum attachments??
  3. Dust & Allergens: The proper vacuum removes dust, allergens, and cleans your air!
  4. Dirty Flooring: Have you seen our hard flooring cleaning package? Only available here!

New Years Cleaning Infographic


Do you have messes that you can’t figure out where they came from? Sticky fingers, holiday candy, spills… The aftermath of the holidays can leave you saying “How am I going to clean that??”


Lucky for you, e-cloths have your back. This brand of microfibers cleans your home with simply water, removing even the toughest sticky messes with ease. We were skeptical about these cloths, but their durability and cleaning abilities are unmatched.


From Kitchens, bathrooms, walls, antiques, and the most delicate figurines, there is an e-cloth for every need. Click Here to read more about these amazing cleaning cloths and their 300 wash guarantee! 


We are so excited to share the e-cloth brand with our customers, to celebrate the New Years, we are GIVING AWAY e-cloths! 


That’s right, with all qualifying purchases* we are giving away our favorite e-cloth total-home cleaning package. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer! 



With all the holiday craziness finally over, it’s time to clean those nooks and crannies that probably collected some extra crumbs, pet hair, and dirt/dust: Behind and under couches, behind and under appliances, the dryer vent, and mattresses… Guess What?


It’s time to use your vacuum attachments! 


(If you aren’t sure what vacuum attachment to use, or how to use your attachments, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-819-6857 ). 


If your vacuum doesn’t have attachments, we carry a wide-variety of attachments and accessories for most vacuum models. 


For Miele, Click Here

For Sanitaire, Click Here

For Eureka, Click Here

For Dyson, Click Here


For a complete list of vacuum models and accessories we carry, Click Here 



Packing and putting away decorations can get quite dusty. Trips back and forth from the attic, basement, or garage all equal more dirt and dust in your homes' air. But dust doesn’t have to equal allergens!


Vacuums with good filtration will not only clean your surfaces, but reduce allergens and dust particles in your homes air. So while you’re putting your decorations away, make sure you have your vacuum with you! If you are in the market for a new vacuum, please take our FREE, 30 SECOND Vacuum Match Quiz!


We offer the lowest price on Miele vacuums, with a 60 day Risk-Free Trial! Learn More 


One great tip we recommend to our customers is to get all the distilled and dirt onto the floor, then vacuum your way out of the room. Make sure you aren’t vacuuming up items that will clog/damage your vacuum though! For our list What NOT to Vacuum During Holiday Cleaning, Click Here



Holidays and gatherings always leave flooring dirty. While it’s par for the course with guests, rain, snow, pine needles, etc., cleaning your flooring can be easier than ever. 


Did you know we created a flooring e-cloth cleaning package? This package contains favorite mop and mop heads. Learn More about our favorite Mop and Mop Head Here! 


We like simple, effective, and earth-friendly products. All products we recommend have been tested by us for durability, effectiveness, and user-friendly ability. We only recommend products we use ourselves. 


*A qualifying order for the e-cloth giveaway is a purchase of $200 or more.