Have you ever bought something, got home, started to read the user manual, then realized you were better off not reading the manual and figuring it out on your own?

Miele User Guide

Not all manuals are user-friendly. WHY IS THIS?

They should be tailored to the user, not the manufacturer… right? 

Technical jargon and misleading pictures don’t help when you are elbow deep in the kids' breakfast catastrophe, knee deep in pet hair, or simply just trying to clean the house.


We get it. We were once you. Confused about how on earth to use our vacuum, trying to decipher manuals, and embarking on the trial and error cleaning routines so we could answer ANY question our customers had. We’ve cleaned and tested everything so you don’t have too. Throughout the years and through our trials, we have found some really helpful tips and tricks, and what not to do with your machine. We have also found which tools are the best for each cleaning situation.


We pulled all of this information into one place and created our Miele User Guides.


Miele C3 User Guide 

As a special thank you for purchasing your Miele from us, we have created our own Miele User Guide* for each Miele vacuum series. Each User Guide contains a User Video Tutorial, where we walk you through un-boxing your machine, assembly, the functionality and use of each item your model comes standard with, and where to access helpful information. We have also included where to reorder bags, filters, and which accessories to use for each cleaning scenario. We also share our recommendations on how to utilize the functionality of your machine and prolong its life.


Gone are the days of wasting time and precious energy trying to use your new vacuum- which was supposed to cut down your cleaning time and work better!

We want you to get the most out of your Miele. These machines have cleaning ability far greater than other vacuums on the market. So stop wasting time, and start cleaning and saving time!


If you are looking for a Miele, and want to avoid the "learning curve" associated with new purchases, this guide was made just for you. 



*Vacuum Cleaner Market Miele Vacuum User guides are only available with a purchase of a Miele vacuum through Vacuum Cleaner Market Inc.



If you purchased through us, but did not receive your user guide, please send us an email and include your order number, to: