Finally Miele has entered the robotic vacuum game. The Miele RX1 Scout Robot Vacuum Cleaner is built with the same quality and elegance Miele customers are accustomed to. This high end robotic vacuum was designed to accompany your traditional vacuum cleaner. Let me repeat that….. it is meant to be used WITH your traditional vacuum cleaner. The Scout is great for quick pickups, high traffic areas and maintaining the cleanliness when you’re not even present. With a Miele robotic you will find you have to deep clean less frequently and your day to day cleanliness will be elevated, all with little to no effort at all.

The Technology

    The Scout uses a “Smart Navigation”, this infers to the way which the robots cleans the home. A top camera maps out theMiele scout effective navigation ceiling while sensors help guide it around the room. The Scout then takes a cleaning pattern that ensures no area is missed and no movements are wasted. Many other robotic vacuums on the market clean with a “Random Pattern”. This means there is not mapping, just chaotic movements that do not guarantee your entire flooring will get cleaned.

    7 sensors help the Miele robot navigate your home while limiting the touches on your furniture and other obstacles. There is also a built in stair censor, helping to protect your robot from crashing down a flight of stairs. As a consumer you cannot underrate your robots ability to avoid contact. Not only does this damage your furniture and create “wall scars” but it can also decrease the lifespan of your robot from added wear and tear to the sensitive electrical connections.

   The RX1 offers users 4 different cleaning modes to fit any and all situations. Automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, quick clean and corner cleaning all offer their own advantages. All of these can be controlled by a remote control, where users can even manually steer the Miele Scout wherever they see fit.

The Features

Extended Battery-  The Miele Scout gives users 2 hrs of cleaning time or up to 1,600 sq ft of cleaning area

3 Way Cleaning- Powerful suction accompanied with a spinning brush roll and 2 spinning side brushes help to ensure all dirt and debris is removed from your flooring.

Automatic Charging- After 2 hrs of cleaning your robotic vacuum will automatically return to its charging station to re-power itself.

Magnetic Strip Boundaries- Users can lay magnetic strips on the floor (under carpeting, rugs or furniture) and the Scout will not cross these strips. This gives you the ability to control the cleaning area with extreme accuracy.

Quality Filtration- Miele is known for their legendary filtration and the Miele RX1 Scout is no different. AirClean filters ensure clean air is blown back into your home.

The Benefits

    While the Miele Scout Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not ideal for everyone, it does offer some benefits that can make it the perfect cleaning companion for others. Zero effort cleaning is the main feature users like. When talking to our customers about robotic vacuums we constantly hear the desire for their home be “tidied up” while they are at work. This is what the RX1 Scout was made for, quick clean jobs between your deep cleaning.

      Along with the cleaning convenience, another great benefit of a robotic vacuum cleaner is the constant cleaning of your living area. A lot of our customers have designated cleaning days, either every Sunday or every Wednesday / Sat ect. With the Scout your home will be getting cleaned daily and this means a much higher standard of clean on a daily basis. This is ideal for allergy sufferers, per owners or home with younger (messier) children.

    Have you ever tried to think of the perfect gift for someone. Something practical, useful but still exciting and new. The Miele Scout fits all this criteria perfectly and is an ideal gift. What could be a better than the gift of not having to clean? The answer...nothing.