Miele Reviews, Part X: Miele Onyx S6270

For today's post, we'd like to focus on Miele's Onyx S6270 model canister vacuum. We believe that it's a desirable vacuum for so many reasons. If hard flooring and area rugs are predominate in your home, pay close attention as this Miele model is a great choice!

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Miele Onyx S6 Includes the STB 205-3 Air Turbo-Head & SBB300-3 Floor Tool for Area Rugs & Hard Surface Flooring

The Miele Onyx S2670 canister vacuum cleaner provides users with optimum cleaning versatility by including two different flooring attachments -- one for low-pile carpeting and another for hard flooring.

The STB 205-3 Air Turbo head features a spinning brush roll and is a perfect attachment for cleaning light carpeting or area rugs.

For hard surface flooring, a SBB300-3 floor tool is provided. This tool easily removes debris while dusting the surface of flooring with its delicate natural hair bristles.

Four Features That Differentiate the Miele Onyx S6 from the Onyx S2 & S8

The Miele Onyx S6 is a bit different from the S2 and S8. Here are four "stand-out" features: 

  1. Smaller Compact Body Size - The body size and overall weight of the Onyx have been reduced in the Miele S6 line, giving users a highly maneuverable vacuum cleaner. The Miele Onyx uses the slightly smaller FJM dust bag where the other S2 and S8 models use the larger G/N dust bag.
  2. Quiet Motor Insulation - Improvements have been made to reduce operating volume for a quiet, but effective cleaning experience.  
  3. Sealed Air System - Miele has made improvements to the complete air body sealed system, ensuring air does not escape the filtration channels. This means only filtered air gets expelled back into your home's air. Only the comparable S8 model has this feature.
  4. Vario Clip with Tools- The Miele S6 Onyx uses Miele's external Vario Clip for three-tool storage. This allows for quick and easy access to your attachments while maintaining a smaller overall body size.

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 Why Should I Choose the Miele Onyx S6270?

The Miele Onyx is a powerful, compact cleaner. It's the winner of Good Housekeeping's Green seal of approval. This means that this machine has passed all strenuous tests put in its way and is backed by an extended two-year warranty through Good Housekeeping. To accompany the STB 205 turbo head, Miele has given customers their very best hard floor tool, the SBB 300-3 floor brush. To top it off, the Onyx comes in a beautiful black finish casing, giving the machine an ultra-sleek design.

Durability and high-quality cleaning functions make the Miele Onyx a welcome addition to anyone’s cleaning arsenal. If you're interested in taking a look at the features in other Miele canister vacuums, please check out our other reviews by clicking here.