miele maverick u1 upright vacuum cleanerMiele has officially released their newest upright vacuum as part of their U1 series vacuum cleaners...The Miele Maverick !!

The Maverick was released to replace the Miele Twist but at a lower price point to you. It is designed to clean all piles of carpeting but also can be used to clean limited amounts of hard surface flooring. A sleek Obsidian Black color gives it a luxury look and feel, while the powerful performance makes it a great entry level addition to the Miele upright vacuum cleaner series. We will not highlight some of the main features that you can expect to experience with the Miele U1 Maverick vacuum cleaner.  

Swivel neck - nothing has changed here, all Miele uprights feature a swivel neck system that allows the power brush to twist and turn while remaining engaged with your flooring. Having been in business since the 1970’s, we have seen hundreds of uprights but none come close to matching the elegant turning ability of Miele upright vacuums w/ swivel neck.

6 Suction settings - The six different suction levels allows you to be versatile with your cleaning. You can find the perfect suction level for any task whether it be delicate drapes, countertops or carpeted flooring.

Automatic height control - some vacuums have multiple height settings, but the Miele Maverick automatically adjusts its cleaning height to provide effortless cleaning. Too low and you can not push your vacuum, too high and your vacuum does not clean efficiently….The Maverick will always sit just right.

Completely sealed system - 100% of the air taken into the unit is put through the entire filtration process before it is put back into your home, no air leaks out during this process. Purchase an additional HEPA filter and the Miele Maverick becomes an air purifier as well as a vacuum cleaner.

Accessories, hose & wand - you will receive a dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool. A long hose and stainless steel extension wand allow for greater reach when cleaning high areas in the home. The Miele Maverick also has anti-tipping technology which prevents the vacuum from tipping over when using these accessories.


At the entry level price of $399 you will be hard pressed to find a higher quality vacuum cleaner. Lots of suction, sturdy design and versatile cleaning are all features that make the Miele U1 Maverick vacuum cleaner a welcome addition to any home with carpeted flooring.


While a HEPA filter can be added at any time, this unit does not come with one. Miele upright vacuums are also on the heavier side. While this makes them very powerful, durable and keeps them from tipping, they prove to be a bit heavier than some customers desire.

Check out the Maverick HERE