Miele Kona vs. Miele Marin - A Comparison

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In February 2013, Miele launched a full line of their most technically advanced canisters yet. This Canister line was named the Miele S8 and replaced their previous best-selling line, the Miele S5.  The S8 line has a total of seven vacuums, offering the buyer an ability to find a great fit for any vacuuming application.  It's our job here at Vacuum Cleaner Market is to help you find the correct vacuum for your application.

Many vacuums in the line may look similar so we're here to clarify the good, the bad, and the different in each model. Here is a comparison of two similar models -- the Miele Kona and the Miele Marin.



Commonalities Between Miele Kona & Miele Marin

The Miele Kona and the Miele Marin have a lot of things in common, the most apparent being that they are Miele Canister Vacuums from the newest (and best) Miele line – the S8. This means that they both have an industry leading seven-year motor and casing warranty and a one-year warranty on parts. They both sport fully incased upholstery tools for convenience, along with a sleek, stylish look. They both have the Miele 12-Stage AirClean Completely Sealed Construction and come standard with HEPA Filtration. When paired, these create the best filtration possible from a vacuum. 

As a bonus, they both come with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, which means that Good Housekeeping will replace your vacuum if something happens to it in the first two years.

Miele Kona Replaces Miele Callisto

With a price point of $929, the Miele Kona S8390 replaces the comparable S5 model -- the Miele Callisto. The Miele Calisto just recently won the best canister vacuum in the Consumer Reports November 2013 issue. So why did Miele replace the best canister on the market? Because the Kona is everything the Callisto was -- and more!

Miele Kona – Perfect for Hard Flooring & Carpeting

The Miele Kona comes with two amazing floor tools. The first is the Miele SEB-228 Electro Floor Brush. The SEB-228 is an electric power head with a separate motor built in to power the 14-inch brush roll. This tool comes with 5 different height settings and is great on most carpeting.

The second tool is the Miele SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Brush. In our opinion, this is the best hard flooring tool that Miele makes.  For suction control the Kona has a 6-stage step-down foot control on machine. This is convenient to limit interruptions when transferring from one flooring type to another.

Miele Marin Replaces Miele Capricorn

The Miele Marin S8590 replaces the long time "king of canisters" Miele Capricorn. The Miele Capricorn was the most advanced canister vacuum on the market (until the Miele Uniq was released).

Three Different Power Head Options

The advantage that Miele Marin has over the competition is power head options. Miele has designed the Miele Marin to be sold with any of the 3 electric power heads and at 3 different price points.

  1. $999 -- Paired with the Miele SEB-217 Powerhead
  2. $1049 – Paired with the SEB-228 Powerhead.
  3. $1099 – Paired with the top-of-the-line SEB-236 Powerhead.


Our suggestion?: Go with the SEB-228 or SEB-236 powerhead. They are far superior to the 217 for almost any application. And with just  a 5 percent increase in price, it's definitely worth it!

Automatic Suction Control Setting Present in Miele Marin, not in Miele Kona

The Miele Marin differs from the Miele Kona mostly in terms of suction control. The Marin and the Kona both come with 6-stage step-down foot control on the machine, but the Marin also has an automatic suction control setting. This allows for the ultimate in convenience when transitioning from different styles of flooring.  This is not a "mandatory" feature, but it's nice to have at your disposal. 

Finding the right vacuum for your home is not always the easiest task, but we aim to give you a good amount of information so that  you can make the best decision. If you still have questions on these two models, feel free to give us a call -- we would be happy to help you out!