Miele Product Review, Part VIII - Miele Kona

If you prefer canister vacuums, but need the power of an upright vacuum for carpets, we recommend taking a look at the new Miele S8 series canister vacuum -- with electric power heads. These machines give you the convenience of a canister vacuum allowing you to use tools easily and care for multiple floor styles but also have the power of the best uprights when it comes to handle all kinds of carpeting. The first model in this S8 electric power head line is the Miele Kona.

Miele Kona S8390 – The Most Economical Choice in Electric Power Head Model Lineup

Miele Kona

The Miele Kona S8390 is the cheapest of the S8 electric power head models; it's a world-class machine that's great on many types of carpeting -- from hard flooring to the most delicate types of carpeting.  The Miele Kona comes with a one-year warranty on parts and a 7-year motor and casing warranty. 

While it's hard to list all of the features of the Miele Kona, I will touch on a few of them.

  1. The first feature of interest is the long cord that's included with this model, which enables users to enjoy a 33-foot cleaning radius -- great for cleaning convenience.  
  2. The second feature to note is the 12-Stage sealed filtration system, which is equipped with a Miele HEPA Filter to help not only filter out the dust -- but actually to purify the air while you're vacuuming. A great bonus for any allergy suffer!
  3. The third feature that we're excited about are the two brush heads* that come with the vacuum.
  • *The SBB300-3 Parquet Twister – In our opinion, this is the best floor brush Miele makes for hard flooring; it has a large cleaning space and natural bristles that dust the floor while removing debris. Due to its maneuverability and suction disbursement, it works well on everything from animal hair to picking up small objects.  
  • *The SEB 228 Elctro Power Brush -- This brush works wonders on all kinds of carpet and is gaining an excellent reputation for being to go-to brush if you have higher end carpet that's delicate and difficult to vacuum. Along with the two great power heads, the Kona model comes with upholstery tools fully incased in the vacuum. This looks great -- and makes using the brushes convenient since they're always there, but never in the way.


One great aspect of the Miele Kona, as well as many other Miele vaccums, that's rarely mentioned is the Good Housekeeping Seal. Vacuums that have the seal are backed by the LINK: Good Housekeeping Seal Limited two-year warranty. This means that if for any reason your Miele becomes stops working in the first two years Good Housekeeping will either replace your vacuum or refund the sale price (Miele warranty is one year for most defaults outside of motor and casing). The reason Good Housekeeping will do this is because they've run multiple, extensive tests on Miele Vacuums. They know that they stand up to their promises; they're good quality machines that are built last.

The only real feature you are giving up with Miele's Kona model is the use of the Auto-Suction that's on some of the other S8 Models.  In our eyes, this isn’t a big deal. We feel the Miele Kona is an exceptional machine that can withstand almost any test thrown at it -- a vacuum that will please someone with even the pickiest of vacuuming needs.