Miele has officially launched 2 new vacuum cleaners for sale in the United States. These include the Miele FreshAir S7280 Upright Vacuum Cleaner and the Miele FreshAir S8390 Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Both of these models come in a clean looking Lotus White color and have been specially designed with allergy and asthma sufferers in mind. Miele has said that these vacuums will not be available forever but only for a limited time. So don’t be bashful, these vacuums come tailor made for allergy and/or asthmatic households, with attachments and filtration special to the “FreshAir” series.

Miele S7280 FreshAir Upright Vacuum2 new miele fresh air vacuums

    The first FreshAir unit we will focus on is the Miele S7 FreshAir Upright model. This unit is suitable for households with the majority of their flooring being carpet. The upright style of this vacuum allows for dust and other debris to easily be removed from carpet fibers by the spinning brushroll. When users need to go onto hard surface flooring, we recommend they turn off the brushroll via the handle switch, to allow the powerful straight suction to do the cleaning.

      Much like all of the Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaners a powerful motor, automatic height adjustment, 6 stage suction dial and 3 standard attachments (dust brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool) all come stock on this unit. Where the fresh Air Upright Vacuum sets itself apart is:

-- Completely Sealed Airclean filtration system. This includes HEPA vacuum bags and a HEPA filter to remove even the finest particles

-- SUB 20 Dust Brush gives users another cleaning weapon at their fingertips. this triangular shaped brush gets into cracks, corners and can be twisted and turned using its dual swivel neck feature

-- SMD 10 Mattress Tool is handly on upholstered furniture and mattresses. Using the flat hard plastic, debris and dust is lifted up and removed when pressure is applied

Miele S8390 FreshAir Canister Vacuum

    The canister S8 FreshAir unit is ideal for households with mostly (or all) hard surface flooring with scattered area or short pile rugs. The SBD 285-3 Floor tool can easily go from fard surface bristle to carpeting pads at the flip of a foot pedal switch. The new interactive panel of the S8 series has replaced the suction dial with 6 stage suction control pedals. The body of this canister is completely sealed, meaning all of the air blown out into your have has been forced through all of the stages of Miele filtration. Below we will list a couple of the features that set the S8390 FreshAir apart from other models.

-- Spotlight handle is a great feature only standard on 1 other Miele model. The bright handle light illuminates the flooring in front of you helping to identify dust and dirt with greater efficiency and ease

-- SFD 20 Flex Crevice Tool is great for cleaning behind, beneath and around obstacles. The long flexible plastic tool can bend and twist into areas you never thought you could reach

-- SUB 20 Dust Brush is also provided giving users another option to dust surfaces with. this tool can be angled and twisted in directions to help achieve deeper cleans

-- SHV 10 Hygiene Cap fits over the open space of where your vacuum hose goes. This enables users to be able to remove their vacuum hose for easier storage with having to worry about dust or debris coming out of the canister.

Final Recap

       The combination of these extra tools and world class filtration make your home a safer/cleaner place. The best way to solve asthma and allergic reactions is to prevent them from happening. With the FreshAir series, Miele gives you the tools to deep clean your household in ways you never imagined before. Behind, above, beneath and even the inside of your furniture can be cleaned when you have the necessary tools to complete the job. indoor air quality has become and will continue to be a huge health issue. With the Miele FreshAir vacuum cleaners users can help make their household as safe as possible.