Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister


Miele C2 Complete Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Review



Meet Miele’s Newest Canister: The C2 Complete Hard Floor Canister Vacuum

This vacuum is perfect for users with mainly hard flooring, with limited, low-pile carpeting/area rugs.



 miele complete c2 hard floor canister suction controls

This Model Comes Standard with 2 Different Flooring Attachments:


The SBB 400-3 Extra Large Parquet Floor Tool: is for all hard flooring. This tool is lined with soft bristles which are delicate on hard flooring, but strong enough to get into grout, flooring lines, and clean right up next to walls/baseboards. The extra-large size of this floor tool, gives 16" of cleaning width, making it ideal for cleaning areas of hard flooring, faster.


miele sbb 300-3 parquet floor twister

















The SBD 285-3 Combo Floor Tool: is combination flooring tool for all hard flooring and low pile carpeting. This tool operates by a switch on the floor head that either extends or retracts bristles. Bristles extended are used for cleaning hard flooring, and bristles retracted will glide across low pile carpeting and area rugs. 



miele sbd 285-3 combo floor tool

















Integrated Tool Storage:

This model comes standard with on board tool storage. The crevice, upholstery, and dust brush tools are stored inside the body of the machine. This makes for easy accessibility of tools while you clean, and no longer worrying about loosing your accessories!


miele complete c2 hard floor canister integrated tools

























6 Speed Suction Control:


Found on the top of your machine, change the suction speed to match your cleaning needs: max speed for cleaning hard flooring, and low speed for cleaning drapery and delicate items. 



The C2 Complete Hard Floor comes with a 1200w Vortex, Ultra-Quiet vacuum motor. This motor is warrantied for 7 years and built for high-performance. 


Cord Winder:

With the simple press of your foot, the cord retracts and is stored inside the body of the machine. No more hand winding cords, and your cord is always kept safe and tangle-free. 




miele complete c2 hard floor canister cord winder

 On/Off Control:

Opposite your cord winder is your on/off button which is also operated by the press of your foot without the hassle of bending down. 




The C2 Complete Hard Floor comes standard with Miele’s AirClean filtration, but can easily be upgraded to Miele’s Charcoal or HEPA Filtration. This model takes the Miele HA50 HEPA Filter and the Miele AA50 Active AirClean Charcoal Filter. 




-Comes with Miele’s best-selling hard flooring attachment, the SBB 400-3 XL Parquet Floor Tool. This tool comes standard on almost all of the Miele C3 Canister line models. 

-Ideal for hard flooring

-Comes with the SBD 285-3 Combo Floor Tool- which allows users to clean their low-pile carpeting and all hard flooring. 

-Comes with Miele’s 7 year motor and casing warranty. 

-integrated tool storage- this feature is usually only offered on Miele’s C3 canister line. 



-This model doesn’t come standard with HEPA filtration- but can easily be upgraded to Miele Charcoal or HEPA filtration at any time.

Learn to Upgrade to a HEPA or Charcoal Filter By Clicking Here



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