Miele has finally released their new series of vacuum cleaners. Launching at this years VDTA ( Vacuum Dealers Trade Association) all the dealers from around the country got to see and experience the fresh new look of the C1 Classic, C2 Compact, C3 Complete and U1 Dynamic. Miele has not re-invented the wheel though. Most of the models have kept the same performance features that put them at the top of the vacuum industry. Some of the models have experienced name and color changes, but the only major change is to the new classification system used for each vacuum. Below we will breifly summarize each series and the changes made in it. 

Miele C1 Classic Vacuum Cleaners         

This series has taken the place of the Miele  S2000 series. All the same names and features have been kept. The only major change in this section is the Miele C1 Delphi now comes in Sprint Blue instead of white.

Miele C2 Compact Vacuum Cleaners

This series has taken place of the Miele S6000 series. These units still have the small compact, fully sealed body that inspired the series name change. The one change that this series has seen is the Miele C2 Topaz in now Marine Blue instead of Tayberry Red.

Miele C3 Complete Vacuum Cleaners

This series has taken the place of the Miele S8000 series. The series label has been changed to “Complete” because this accurately represents quality and performance of this line. Nothing is left to be desired for this series. One major change is the Miele Cat & Dog C3 is now Lotus white instead of the former Koi Orange.

Miele U1 Dynamic Vacuum Cleaners

This series takes the place of the Miele S7000 series. One of the major changes taking place for this line is the elimination of the Miele S7580 Swing. This unit came with extra added tools not accompanying the Miele AutoEco. No other major changes have been made in this section.

new miele vacuum changes