Miele Allergy XL Pack Sale - July 2019


The First Ever Miele Bag and Filter Sale is Live NOW!


For the entire month of July, Miele is discounting their Allergy XL Packs.


This means you can choose from the Miele Allergy GN SF HA 50 XL Pack or the Miele Allergy FJM XL, SF HA 50 Pack.

Normally these packs are $79.95! Each pack includes (8) AirClean Bags, (2) Motor Filters, and (1) SF HA 50 HEPA Filter. You are able to choose from either FJM or GN sized bags. For the entire month of July 2019 though, these packs are both $39.95! This is almost like receiving your HEPA filter for FREE!


Miele Allergy XL Pack Sale July 2019

This summer, stay on top of those pesky allergies. Either upgrade your Miele to a HEPA filter today (Click Here for a Video Tutorial on Upgrading your Miele to a HEPA Filter), or make sure your exisiting HEPA filter is changed, and ready for all that summer cleaning. 

Summer months bring a lot into your home. Kids, guests, and pets track in more debris than normal. Pairing your Miele with genuine Miele HEPA bags, and a HEPA filter, will ensure those pesky pathogens are where they should be- trapped in your filter and bags.



Miele GN Allergy XL Pack

(8) GN Air Clean HEPA Filtered Bags

(2) Motor Filters

(1) SF HA 50 HEPA Filter 


Miele FJM Allergy XL Pack

(8) FJM Air Clean HEPA Filtered Bags

(2) Motor Filters

(1) SF HA 50 HEPA Filter



*Please Note: These specified Miele Allergy XL Packs are the only bag and filter combinations that Miele is offering for this July 2019 promotion, and the only bag and filters that are on sale. 


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