Miele Alize vs. Miele Calima

Miele Vacuum Reviews, Part VII - A Miele S8 Canister Series Comparison: Miele Alize vs. Miele Calima

If you are looking into the new Miele S8 Canister Vacuum Series, the two entry level models, the Miele Calima and the Miele Alize might look very similar to you. While the difference in price is only $20, they are very different vacuums that should be used for different cleaning needs.


We've written this post so that you can take the smaller points of each machine into consideration to make sure that you can purchase the perfect model for your home.


Miele Alize & Miele Calima – The Similarities

Both Miele Vacuums come with a 7-year Miele motor warranty. They are both a part of the new Miele S8 line, which means they each have 3D Bumper Guard, 12-Stage AirClean Completely Sealed Filtration System, Miele HEPA Filter and a retractable cord.


Miele Alize & Miele Calima – The Differences


1.) The Floor Brushes

The biggest difference between the Miele Calima and Miele Alize is the floor brushes that are included with these models. The Miele Alize S8590 comes with Miele’s SBD 650-3 AirTeq Combo Floor tool. This is a great tool for hard floors and low pile area rugs. If your home is comprised mostly of hardwood flooring with some area rugs, then this machine is the right fit for you.


The Miele Calima S8390 has two different floor brushes. The first is the SBB 300-3 Twister Parquet Floor Brush. This tool is amazing on hardwood floors or any form of hard flooring. The second is the Miele STB 205-3 Turbo Head. This tool is great for low- to medium-pile carpeting and area rugs. If most of your house is hard flooring with only a couple rooms of carpeting and only a few area rugs then sthis is a great machine for you!


2.) Hose Lighting in the Miele Alize


The second difference in these two great machines are the hoses. Miele has come up with a brilliant idea of how to use vacuum lighting on its canister model and the Miele Alize is the first model that they've incorporated it into. The handle of the hose has a spotlight in it that helps to illuminate the vacuum path in poorly lit areas. We have used it, and feel that this is a great new feature that all buyers will appreciate.


At, our main goal is to apprise buyers of all their options. Most importantly, we want our customers to be fully satisfied with the service that they receive from us, and in the vacuums and parts that are purchased. If you have any questions, please feel free to call and talk to a professional at our store.