Did you know you can add scents to your vacuum cleaner and freshen your entire home while you clean? 





When added properly, vacuum scents can freshen your entire home, adding lasting a lasting scent to your homes air. However don’t think you can add just any scent to your vacuum cleaner! Some vacuum fresheners can actually damage your vacuum cleaner. So before you reach for the scent packets- read this!


Here we show you just how to add vacuum fresheners to your canister, upright, bagged, and bagless vacuums. 


Step One: What brand?


We recommend the brand “Good Home Scents.” This brand has a variety of scents to choose from, are made in the USA, and we have found these scents last longer than other brands. This brand won’t damage your vacuum cleaner and they are also extremely affordable. We sure love a good deal! 


If you prefer another brand, please make sure you follow the manufacturer directions on adding scents to your vacuum as some scents cannot be added to bagged or bagless vacuums. It’s always better to be safe than stuck with a broken vacuum!


Step Two: Choose Your Scent 


Now that you have chosen your brand of vacuum scent, it’s time to choose your scent! This is the fun part. 


First: Do you have any air fresheners or candles in your home? Think about the current smells in your home, and choose a scent that will go well with these preexisting smells. Also think about what season/time of year it is. Scents such as cinnamon and pomegranate pair well with Holiday scents. MulBerry and SeaSpray are lovely Spring and Summer additions.




Step Three: Adding Your Scent


Now that you have chosen your scent, it’s time to add it to your vacuum. 


You have two options: 

*Disclaimer: If you are using a different brand than recommended in this article, read all manufacturers recommendations for adding the scent to your vacuum.


1. Direct: If you have a bagged vacuum, simply add a teaspoon of scent directly into your vacuum bag, and vacuum as normal. If you have a bagless vacuum, you can add the scent directly to your vacuums dirt cup (what your empty), and vacuum as normal. 


2. Vacuum: If you prefer to vacuum up your scent (as you would vacuum up everyday dust and dirt), you can simply sprinkle a teaspoon of your vacuum scent onto the floor, and vacuum up the particles directly. 


And that’s it-Now it’s time to sit back and relax! 


Adding fragrance to your home can be as simple as multitasking while doing your normal cleaning. What a timesaver!