How often should you change your HEPA filter


How Often Do I Change my Miele HEPA/ Charcoal Filter?

Change your HEPA/ Charcoal filter at least once a year.


Changing the HEPA filter in your vacuum is like changing your homes air purifier. Not only does your HEPA filter clean your homes air to the highest filtration possible, it extends the life of your vacuum!

Changing your HEPA filter is crucial to your families health and to the lifespan of your Miele. Depending upon your amount of use, you may have to change your filter more often than once a year. Please refer to the indication line on your HEPA (or Charcoal Filter) to see when it is time to change. 



miele airclean filters






*When you have a HEPA filter, you do not need the Miele AirClean Filter that comes with your Miele vacuum bags. Your HEPA filter replaces the need for this filter. You can discard these.

(See Left picture for Reference)







miele post motor filter












   **You will still need your post motor filter. These are the filters you may need to cut to fit your specific model. Keep these and Change EVERY 4 Vacuum Bags.

(See Left Photo For Reference)











Easiest ways to remember to change your filter?

  1. Mark it on your calendar

  2. Add an event on your phone

  3. Write the filter change date on the filter itself



Filter Change Indication

When your filters indication strip changes to the color RED, this means it is well past the time to change your filter! (See picture below)


We suggest changing your filter before it turns red, as this will maintain the highest level of filtration for your home and family at all times. 



miele hepa filter indication


















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