Miele Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, Part IV - What is the best HEPA vacuum cleaner?

For allergy sufferers, when purchasing a vacuum, it's important to look for more than just the ability to pick up dirt and debris.  While your vacuum may be doing that, keep in mind that it could be taking the finer particles and sending them back into the air where they will be breathed in by members of your home -- or ultimately -- end up right back on the floor. 

Many vacuums on the market will have the badge of being a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is measured by being able to filter or remove 99.97% of particles .03 micrometers in size (that is 1/200 the thickness of a human hair).  Fine air particles in the .03-.05 have been shown to have possible adverse health effects if consistently inhaled. By using a HEPA Filter on your vacuum that passes those standards your vacuum will be branded a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

However, not all “HEPA Vacuums” are created equal. Miele has taken it's ability to effectively filter the air, and has combined it with it's outstanding vacuum technology - taking the vacuum to a whole new level!

Going the Extra Mile in HEPA Filtration 

Keep in mind that all HEPA Filters must past a qualification to be named a HEPA Filter, but that doesn’t mean all vacuums are built perfectly to allow that filter to perform at it’s best.

Miele HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are ahead of the game in this regard because Miele has a 12-Stage AirClean Filtration System that cleans the air as it passes through the vacuum into the bag and out the HEPA Filter. To fully understand this process and why Miele HEPA filter is ahead of the competition, please watch the video here: 


Miele Filtration System Uses Higher Standards than HEPA Filtration Standards!

On top of 12-Stage Filtration, Miele has what is called a true Sealed System™. The true Sealed System™ means that all compartments of the vacuum are individually sealed so that any particles and air are forced through the filtration system to help filter not only the air from the dust but also from any omission that's caused by the act of vacuuming. The combination of the Miele 12-Stage AirClean Filtration System™ and the true Sealed System™ has shown the ability to Filter 99.99% of particles .03 in size in independent tests.

If you're an allergy sufferer, look no further! 

Miele Vacuums are the leader in this concept and it is truly leading to cleaner and healthier homes for allergy sufferers and the people that choose Miele.

Many models in the Miele vacuum line come with a HEPA Filter and all come with the option add a Miele HEPA filter.  For example, you are looking for an AirClean Sealed System™ for Miele Canister Vacuums, we recommend looking at the New S8 Series or S6 Series. If you prefer a Miele upright vacuum, then take a look at the Miele S7 Series.

If clean, healthy air -- along with a clean floor -- is something you want from your vacuum cleaner, Miele should be the next brand you look at!