Do you know the difference between Genuine and Generic Miele Vacuum Bags?

The first thing you should know about Miele vacuum bags and filters, is there is no comparison to genuine Miele bags. As avid deal savers, we love a good bargain. However there are some things in life where trying to save a few dollars will actually cost you more money in the long run. This is very true of generic Miele vacuum bags. There are no good generic Miele bags we have found. What we have found, is generic Miele bags actually damage machines. Generic bags leak dirt and pathogens back into your home, and most importantly, into your vacuums motor. This leakage over time will end up killing your motor prematurely. As Miele's average a 20 year lifespan, simple things such as using only genuine bags and filters, are easy money saving tricks.


Genuine Miele bags have Miele's 9 ply bag technology

All genuine Miele FJM bags are 9 layers. Genuine Miele bags are extrememly durable, very hard to rip or tear, and are HEPA filtered. These cloth bags are the highest quality, and provide the highest level of filtration. 



All Miele FJM bags come with a self-sealing bag closure.

When you open your vacuum body, your bag will self-seal. Leaving all the items you have vacuumed up- in your bag- not seeping back into your homes air. Generic Miele bags do not have this technology. If you or anyone in your home are concerned about the air quality, or are allergy or asthma sufferers, there is no reason to ever consider purchasing generic Miele bags. 


Genuine Miele vacuum bags also last far longer than generic bags.

Who knew, right? Genuine Miele bags actually hold more dirt / debris, and require less bag changes than generic bags. So in the long run, you actually save money on vacuum bags. 


With genuine Miele bags you are able to hold more, change your bag less often, and get the highest level of filtration. You also have the peace of mind knowing that you will never damage your machine or stress your motor. There is a reason Miele recommends their genuine bags for their machines- Miele is all about quality, durability, and the highest performing products. 


How do you know what Miele FJM bags to purchase?

There are a lot of different options when shopping for Miele FJM bags. Here are all of the different combinations of bags to purchase for your Miele. 



Miele FJM Single Box

(4) FJM Bags

(1) AirClean Filter

(1) Motor Filter






Miele FJM XL Pack

(8) FJM Bags

(2) AirClean Filters

(2) Motor Filters

Bundle and Save!






Miele FJM 1 Year Supply

(12) FJM Bags

(3) AirClean Filters

(3) Motor Filters

At Least 1 Year Supply of Bags! 





Miele FJM Performance Pack

(16) FJM Bags

(1) SF HA 50 HEPA Filter

(4) Motor Filters

-Average Life of 1.5-2 Years

Bundle and Save!









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