Finding Your Perfect Match Has Never Been Easier!

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It’s that time again! Love is in the air, hearts are abundant, and it seems like everyone is in love. While being surrounded by love and/or being during the month of February can be something special- the season might have some people looking for something more long-term and lasting. I say cheers to long-term, now that's something we can help you out with!


I'm not referring to a person, I'm referring to an object! Now please get your mind out of the gutter. I'm going to share how this February you can fall in love! With cleaning, your vacuum, and your home. Woah, that came out of left field didn't' it? It is possible to not loathe these tasks.


Hear me out, falling in love with cleaning this month is TOTALLY possible.


Did you know most people DON’T like their vacuum? It’s the sad truth. I was one of them.


Most people purchase a brand and model their family or friends have. They then find themselves in a cleaning rut, but can’t figure out why. Most rely solely on the brands they saw on TV and those they’ve heard other people like. Have you ever asked your bestie about any products they use in their home and to clean? I thought so.


Just as no two homes are identical, similarly, no two vacuum needs are the same. So why would you try to clean a home with a machine meant for someone elses needs? My point exactly. So before you call up your friends to ask what THEY are using, let's figure out what YOU need. I'm almost positive you and your friends don't have the exact same furniture and surfaces. If you did, that would be weird. 


We developed a simple vacuum quiz which pairs you with a vacuum match in just 30 seconds! Click Here To Take Our Vacuum Match Quiz!


But if you are like me and want to do more research before making a purchase, here are our tips on how to find your vacuum match:


How to Fall in Love with Your Vacuum:


1. Identify your flooring- mixed, carpeting, hard flooring, area rugs? 

2. Figure out what your cleaning needs are. 

     -Do you have children, pets, or need to reach high areas? All or none of the       above? 

3. How big is your home? 

4. Do you have any special needs?

     -Allergy or asthma sufferers in your home? Do you want high-    

      quality air filtration? 


These areas are what buyers should focus upon when in the stages of purchasing a vacuum. These are the major pain-points we see when our customers come to us looking for a new vacuum. This is what every person should consider before purchasing a vacuum. 


Turns out, using a machine that's wrong for your surfaces is not only frustrating, it takes longer to clean, and it can actually damage your surfaces! Our customers have found that when you use the right attachments, cleaning is easier and more effective. Instead of risking injury or damage, (remember climbing on that surface you really shouldn't have, trying to get that pesky cobweb?) the right tools allow you to clean safely and effectively. Just as proper tools and attachments allow for an easier clean, can you imagine what the proper machine with the proper suction, filtration, and hose extension would be like?


Now, you’re wondering… "Well now that I know how to find the perfect vacuum, how the heck am I going to fall in love with it?" Have you tried cleaning with a machine that meets and exceeds all of your cleaning expectations? I dare you to tell me the feeling of cutting cleaning time and having a cleaner house isn't an incredible feeling. That's when I fell in love. 


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This month, fall in love with a vacuum, regain your cleaning sanity, AND receive a FREE GIFT.  


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