e-cloth microfiber constructionE-cloth is changing the way we look at microfiber cloths. Regular micro fiber cloths have become very popular in the cleaning industry over the past couple of years. They are known for their superior ability to attract and trap dust over the likes of paper towels or standard wash cloths. Since their design, microfiber cloths have been engineered to be used with chemicals and also to be very inexpensive so they can be thrown away after a couple washes when they begin to break down.

E-cloth has completely flipped this idea on its head. Through higher quality of manufacturing, e-cloths do not need chemicals to effectively clean and last up to 300 washes. The arrival of such quality micro fiber cloths almost creates a whole new category in the “Green clean” industry, chemical free cleaning! Below we are going to cover the construction and composition of the cloths that make them amongst the highest quality in the world.

Composition - Each fiber is made from a combination of polyamide and polyester. Polyamide fibers are negatively charged which attracts water (positively charged). Polyester is positively charged attracting oils (negatively charged). You get the best of both worlds. Also e-cloth sources the highest quality raw materials available

Size - E-cloth fibers are much smaller than your average micro fiber cloth. Each fiber is 1/200th the thickness of a human hair  or 1,000 X smaller than a cotton fiber. This provides maximum surface area for each fiber which helps in absorption and cleaning ability

Manufacturing - The 2 different types of materials are combined in a 8 spoke design to make up each tiny fiber. So each fiber is specifically designed to lift the maximum amount of dirt

Density - E-cloths contain up to 3,100,000 micro fibers per sq in. That means in the standard general purpose e-cloth, there are 500 million fibers. That is a lot of technology.

When you combine all of this quality in 1 cloth, you get the best, highest quality micro fiber cloths in the world. They remove 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces with just the use of water. This has tons of benefits for you home that include: cost, health, pollution, ease-of-use & more.

****Fun Fact: If you took each fiber in a e-cloth general purpose micro fiber cloth and put them all end-to-end, they would stretch from Seattle to San Diego (about 1,000 miles)****