$5 for every vacuum cleaner sold

Vacuum Cleaner Market is happy to announce that for a limited time, it will be donating $5 for every vacuum cleaner sold. Please note that this is not at an extra cost to our customers. It is simply a program that we are running to help generate some money and awareness for some good charities.

We have developed a system that allows the customer to choose one of 5 different categories to donate to: Hunger, Cancer Research, Clean Water, Environment and Animals. We have selected a couple different charities for each cause to spread our donations to. We focused on charities with a great track record and a high donation percentage. Sadly, many charities and foundations today only contribute a small percentage of the donations to the actual charity while the rest of the money goes to advertising and operational costs. We have hand picked charities that serve justice to the cause and whose main focus is on helping, not profits.

We will be updating our customers on the charity donations we have made and the totals raised for each cause. We know our numbers will not be staggering but we believe that over time we can really make a difference.

We want to thank you, the customers, for making this all possible. Your support and loyalty are greatly appreciated and we feel lucky to have the best customers in the business. We hope to continue to grow and thrive and one day expand our charitable program. Hopefully this is just the start.