This year we are blessed to be able to work with The Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue Foundation.



Rescue animals have always been close to our heart, and working with this rescue has allowed us to give back to senior dogs who have no other options. It is so difficult to find homes for senior dogs, as most come with health problems and require lots of vet visits and costly medications. Most people when they think about rescuing a dog, don't think about rescuing a senior dog, and therefore there are a lot of senior pups needing help and homes. 


Our beloved office dog, Sadie, was a senior rescue. She was the light of our office and warehouse. We lost her this past April to cancer, and we know how tough it is when dogs age- both moentarily and physically. It takes a lot of love, and a lot of help, but the senior dogs are some of the most grateful souls you will ever encounter. In working with Dona we are so glad we can continue helping senior dogs since Miss Sadie is no longer here for us to shower with love.


For now, we have been living vicariously through Dona's amazing rescue efforts, and aiding in her efforts to help as many senior dogs as possible. 


Dona's rescue is in Ohio, and she takes in almost every rescue who finds her. Most often she covers the costs for vet, food, etc. herself for her rescues. We were blown away by her heart and passion and were overjoyed when she agreed to work with us.



This year we have chosen to donate a portion of todays sales to Dona's shelter.



Dona's website can be found by clicking here:


A direct link to her donation page can be found here: Donate to Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue Here


Link to Dona's Amazon wishlist: