genuine simplicity vacuum bagsIf you have purchased a Simplicity vacuum cleaner, you clearly appreciate and demand quality. We at Vacuum Cleaner Market love the “Simplicity” brand and what they stand for. There are a couple of things you will want to know when purchasing replacement vacuum bags for your vacuum cleaner. We are going to cover some of these points below:

1. Make sure and buy genuine Simplicity vacuum bags

Buying genuine Simplicity vacuum bags not only ensure premium filtration and perfect fit...but most importantly the bags are made with quality construction. When you purchase generic Simplicity vacuum bags you run the risk of putting your vacuums health at risk. Cheap bags leak large particles and also break easily. This can allow larger particles to flow into the vacuum motor causing long term damage. A quality vacuum bag manufactured by Simplicity ensures your motor will always be protected from these damaging dust particles.

2. Change your vacuum bags regularly

You do not want to overfill your vacuum bags. The rule of thumb is to only fill each bag about ¾ full. When a vacuum bag gets too full it can cause your unit to lose suction, can cause clogs and can also potentially put stress on the motor. When dirt and dust can no longer fit into the bag it begins to pile up inside the hoses and pipes causing clogs that only a professional repairman can fix. Vacuum bags that are too full limit airflow which inhibits suction and also causes motor stress. Make sure and keep spare bags readily available so you do not hesitate to change your vacuum bags.

3. Choose HEPA cloth or paper according to need

Simplicity makes multiple types of vacuum bags. HEPA cloth and paper bags. Users with asthma, allergies or just really care about their indoor air quality...HEPA vacuum bags are for you. These bags are made from thick cloth which removes and traps small micro particles.

Paper bags are also available for customers. These tend to be more economical but still offer great filtration. These bags are more susceptible to tearing, ripping and puncture when sharp items like nails, bobby pins or any other small metal object makes it’s way into the bag.

Not all vacuum models offer bags in both HEPA cloth or paper. Some only have one or the other.

4. Do not overpay, you shouldn't break the bank for bags!!

We have heard horror stories of retailers selling Simplicity vacuum bags for astronomical prices. We also have personally seen some instances of this online. The fact is that you should not have to pay an arm and a leg for replacement vacuum bags or filters. This is not what we want and it is for sure not what Simplicity wants. Maintaining your vacuum should be affordable, so make sure and check our prices for the fairest prices available.