vacuum cleaner market holiday sale



We are proud to offer you our special Black Friday promotion and beyond. There are a couple of promotions going on...check them out below:

  • 20% OFF Miele Maverick (valid until 12/12/16)


  • 20% OFF Miele C2 Limited Edition (valid until 12/12/16)


  • Free Gift Coupon Codes (only 1 coupon code per transaction)


    • Purchases over $200 - use Coupon Code: HolidaySavings16

Customers will receive an 8pc MicroFiber gift set ($50 value)


    • Purchases over $100 - use Coupon Code: HappyHolidays2016

Customers will receive a Vacuum Scent Packet



The holidays are a time of giving, so here at Vacuum Cleaner Market we are happy to join the giving spirit. If you have any questions please give us a call @ 1.877.819.6857 or email us @ contact@vacuumcleanermarket.