Is your old vacuum cleaner not working on your new Soft Carpet? Have no fear, we will tell you the best vacuum cleaner to purchase for your needs. The best part is that this vacuum not only cleans your soft carpeting, it also cleans your hard flooring and boasts world class filtration.

In this article we explain what features make for the perfect vacuum on this type of carpeting and then do a quick overview on the Miele Soft Carpet C3 Complete vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Soft Carpeting - What features to look for in your vacuum

  • Power head w/ multiple height settings -  Too low and it is way too hard to push, to high and it does not clean
  • Large wheels on the powerhead-  Help keep the power nozzle from sinking into the soft fibers
  • Multiple suction settings-  Too much suction inhales the carpet, too little cannot pull air through the fibers
  • Lightweight body (for upright) or canister style vacuum-  Heavier units sink into the carpet and make it hard to push and operate
  • Model that can satisfy your other needs (HEPA, hard floor cleaning, pets, ect)-  No need to buy multiple vacuums for different needs, make sure your unit fits every need

While all of these features are important, the two main features to look for are having multiple height settings on the floor attachment and the weight of the unit. If you have both of these settings then you can clean at the proper depth which protects your carpet from harm, provides and excellent clean and is easy to push and operate.

Best Vacuum for Soft Carpeting - Miele Soft Carpet C3 Complete Vacuum

Miele has created one of the first vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to clean this new popular type of soft carpeting. It has all of the features we mentioned above and actually a couple of special settings to help the customer properly set up their machine for use.

The power head has 2 special settings (SC & SC+). The standard SC setting is for medium soft carpeting and the SC+ is designed for use on high pile soft carpet. This helps take the guesswork out of selecting a cleaning height. The power head also has 3 other height settings (5 total) to clean other shorter carpeting / rugs you may have in your home.

This unit has 7 suction settings w/ one being specially named “Soft Carpet”. Miele has designed a setting with the perfect amount of suction to clean those soft carpets. Customers with this unit can easily adjust the suction setting at the touch of a foot pedal. Going from hard surface flooring where you want maximum suction, to soft carpeting where you need a specific amount of suction is easy with the Miele C3 Soft Carpet vacuum.

What takes the Miele Soft Carpet vacuum to the next level is you do not have to make sacrifices for these features. The unit comes with the SBB300-3 floor brush for cleaning all hard surface flooring inside the home. This happens to be Miele most popular floor brush and our favorite here at Vacuum Cleaner Market.

A HEPA filter and a completely sealed filtration system make this unit great for allergy and asthma sufferers. This means that 100% of the air that enters the vacuums is pushed through the entire filtration process before it is exhausted. Other brands and other units could leak air in the middle of the filtration process, negating the filtering steps that it never reaches.

One touch cord winder, 3 on board tools (dust, crevice, upholstery), rubber non-marking wheels, 3D bumper and many other features make this a complete vacuum cleaner. It is suitable to clean every floor surface in your home with world class efficiency and has those special settings to assist the customer with “soft carpeting”.