Best Vacuum Filtration | Best Canister Vacuum: The Miele Marin


The Miele Marin: Consumer Report Rated Best Vacuum Filtration AND Best Canister Vacuum

miele marin consumer report rating  

Consumer Reports has just released their 2017 best vacuum, and best filtered vacuum, and the Miele Marin Complete C3 Canister was rated the highest in BOTH categories.


What This Means:


The Miele Marin was rated by Consumer Reports in 9 different categories amongst other top brands and models. All brands were scored on how they handled the following cleaning scenarios:



Hard Flooring

Tool Airflow



Machine Handling

Pet Hair

Brushroll On/Off Switch

Manual Carpeting Pile Adjustment

 miele marin consumer report rating

The Miele Marin was then given the highest rating, and consumer reports has give the Marin the Best Air Quality and Best Canister Vacuum rating.  


 miele marin benefits

What is The Miele Marin? Quick Overview


The Miele Marin Complete C3 Canister is a fully-sealed unit which cleans all pile carpeting and hard flooring. It comes standard with a 7 year motor and casing warranty, and a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty.


Filtration: The Marin comes standard with the highest quality HEPA filtration on the market. Paired with Miele’s Genuine GN 9-pl7 bags, this unit only emits HEPA hospital filtered air back into your home. Making this model like a mini air purifier while you clean, ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Automatic Suction Control: One of the more convenient features of this vacuum, is the automatic suction control. This adjusts the Marin’s suction via sensors to different pile carpeting and floor heights, automatically. Meaning you get the right amount of suction during flooring transitions, without having to guess.


Floorheads: The Marin comes standard with two flooring attachments. The Miele SEB 236 Powerbrush contains a separate motor inside to allow for the most powerful suction. Ensuring dirt and debris are picked up from high pile carpeting, all the way from the bottom of your carpeting. It’s lighted to ensure you don’t miss those pesky dark areas, and you don’t accidentally vacuum up those pesky toys or your valuables.


The Marin also comes with our favorite hard flooring head, the SBB Twister Parquet Floor Brush. This hard floor brush contains bristles of alternating heights. These bristles not only clean, but dust your hard floors while you vacuum. Meaning: No more sweeping! This floorhead also swivels effortlessly around and under furniture, getting into and under hard-to-reach areas.


Attachments: Cleaning attachments are stored inside the body of the machine. This allows your cleaning attachments to be within arms reach at all times while cleaning without the need to store your attachments separately.


Retractable Cord: Miele has solved the annoying cord winding issue by incorporating a one-touch cord winder. With just one tap of your foot, your cord is stored safely inside the body of your machine.


Swivel Handle: The newly designed swivel handle contains an on/off button for your powerhead. With just a flip of a switch you are able to turn your brushroll on or off. This is ideal for floor transitions, or when you encounter an obstacle in your way.



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