Which Are The Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners For 2021? Our Top Four



Stick vacuums have come a long way. But, what is the best stick vacuum in 2021 for you? 

In this article, you will discover the best stick for you. No matter if you have carpet, hard flooring, allergies and or pets, over the next 3min you will know exactly which vacuum you need.


We Have Been Testing Stick Vacuums For Over 10 years - We Have Seen It All. 


They Come with Different Performance Options


Like traditional vacuum cleaners, stick vacuums come in a variety of options and features. It is essential to understand these features to help you find the best fit for your home. The main features you want to consider are:


  • Motor - a smaller sized motor can sometimes mean less power and reduced suction. The good news is the 2021 models of the best-rated stick vacuums have a smaller size and powerful motors to suck up whatever life throws at you. 


  • Battery or Corded - This is important if you have many open spaces or need to clean an area where it is hard to access an outlet. Cordless vacuums also make it easier to maneuver and clean higher hard to reach surfaces. 


  • Suction - Vacuums with cords connect them to a constant powerful power source. This power means that corded vacuums also have more suction than battery-powered vacuums. New advances in batteries have improved the suction of battery-powered stick vacuums and improved battery life.  


  • Length of Battery Life/Mounting Charge - Even with the most long-lasting battery, you will eventually need to recharge. Consider what space you need to clean and how long the charging cycle is to ensure the battery will meet your needs. A battery vacuum also means you need to consider where to house your charging station for charging between uses.  


  • Spinning Brush Roll or Suction Only - this option depends on your type of flooring. Do you have carpets that need a spinning roll brush or only hardwood or ceramic floors? For those with pets, a spinning brush is best for dealing with pet hair. 


  • Filtered or Unfiltered - People with allergies or asthma will benefit from HEPA filters for cleaner air. Many stick vacuums include filters that can be easily removed and cleaned to help your vacuum run more efficiently and purify the air. 


  • Canister Size - Most stick vacuum models with a canister make it easy to empty your vacuum directly into the garbage after every use. You don’t need to worry about replacing vacuum bags. Because the best lightweight stick vacuums tend to lose suction when the canisters are full, it is crucial to consider a large enough canister for your cleaning needs and empty it regularly.


Our Three Top Favourite Stick Vacuum Models Going Into 2021

Best Overall Stick Vacuum - The Dyson V11 Outsize (click here to view)



If you're the type of person that loves a clean home and wants the best stick vacuum on the market the Dyson V11 Outsize is the perfect vacuum for you.


The Dyson V 11 Outsize is a clear level above all stick vacuums on the market right now. The V11 Outsize comes with a larger dustbin and wider cleaning head meaningless interruptions during your cleaning sessions. You also receive the benefits of HEPA filtration. 


Furthermore, the V11 Outsize has increased battery life giving you up to 120 minutes of suction time. You get an additional 20% more suction power over the Dyson Cyclone V10 range (185 air watts).  you get a rear-mounted LCD screen that allows you to quickly work through the different modes and also gives you how much vacuuming time you have remaining.


This is probably the fastest cleaning stick vacuum on the market thanks to its super-sized cleaning head and super-sized dustbin. This monster cleaning head allows you to cover so much area so quickly.


You also get the high torque cleaning head, and when you use the vacuum on auto mode the V11 Outsize will detect the different types of services and make adjustments automatically for you.


There are only two slight downsides to the Dyson V11 Outsize. Firstly, it's the biggest it vacuum on the market. It weighs 7.85lb. Secondly, like most things in life if you want the best you have to pay for it and the Dyson V11 Outsize is no exception. It is the most expensive stick vacuum in the Dyson range. But we think it's well worth the money if you want the best. 

The Pet Stick Vacuum - The Dyson V10 Animal - (click here to view)



The Dyson V10 Animal is perfect for picking up pet hair or human hair. 


The Dyson V10 Animal has an awesome but lightweight motor that gives 140 air watts of suction power. Combine this with the torque drive clean ahead you have the power to dig deep into carpets removing ground-in dirt. And with a run time of up to 60min, you should get all your cleaning done in one charge.


The V10 Animal quickly transforms into a powerful and nimble handheld for cleaning the car, pet hair off lounges and stairs. You also get a mini motorized tool that is perfect for removing pet hair and dirt from carpet and upholstery.


With its advanced filtration, it captures 99.99% of particles, all the way down to 0.3 microns. This vacuum expels cleaner air than you breathe.


You have the option of three cleaning modes giving you the right amount of power where you need it. It has a low profile clean ahead and a slim design makes it perfect for awkward spaces.


Ultimately, this is the perfect pick for people with pets.


Best Budget Stick Vacuum - ReadiVac Eaze (RS1000) Cordless - (click here to view)


Readivac Eaze (RS1000)


Don't let the price put you off this brilliant vacuum. The Readivac is a versatile 6-in-1 handheld vacuum.


With the Readivac you can quickly change between cleaning your car, furniture and stairs then switch to the extended reach mode for above for cleaning of drapery and hard-to-reach corners using the dusting brush or crevice tool.


The readback weighs less than 4 pounds but still gives you 40 minutes of vacuuming time with a powered brush roller.


You have the ability to change the power level to control the unit suction. You can set the perfect power level no matter the flooring type, upholstery, and curtains. The motorized brush with LED lights allows you to see under furniture and in those dark corners.


It comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. 


When you consider the price the Readivac was a serious contender for the best overall vacuum. It's affordable and packed with features.