Simplicity S65 Stick Vacuum Cleaner


We have been looking for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that rivals the Dyson brand- and we found one!

For less than half the price of a Dyson. Better filtration. Better suction. And a longer battery life!

Did we just hit the holy grail of vacuums? We sure think so..


In the recent months, we have been on the lookout for a stick vacuum cleaner...


What we were looking for / Our Must Have's:

1. Longest Battery Life and Run Time

2. Replaceable / Extra Battery Option

3. HEPA filter- Changeable, Not Resuable

4. Lightweight

5. Ability to Clean Multiple Surfaces

6. Best Suction

7. Easy Clean

8. Lower Price Point Than a Dyson

9. Must be Bagless


Enter the Simplicity S65 Stick Vacuum Cleaner


**Please note that we are not being paid for this blog post by anyone. We only sell items on our website that have been tested by our staff, and we believe to be of the highest quality. Products that we ourselves use in our own homes. **


Our list of must-haves for this stick vac was quite long. Our searching for the best stick vacuum led us down a rabbit hole of many different brands, and lots of product testing. We refused to compromise on our list, and after a few months - we found the S65.


Simplicity S65 Features


Here are the main features of the Simplicity S65: 

  • Bagless
  • 2 Speeds
  • HEPA Media Filter- Replaceable, not Washable
  • Cordless
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Easy-Empty Dust Bin
  • Lightweight (5.5 lbs)
  • (1) Year Warranty 
  • Carpet Attachment
  • Hardwood Flooring Attachment 
  • Cleaning Attachments: Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Pet Upholstery Attachment with Spinning Brush Roll
  • Stand with Accessory Storage and Optional Wall Mount


What really stood out to us with this model are the 2-Speed power setting versatility and the different flooring attachments. These separate flooring attachments pair perfectly with the 2-speed control. For the hard flooring we used the hard flooring attachment on high, turbo speed, and for carpeting we used the carpeting attachment on the lower speed. We also cross-tested each head on the other flooring surface and found that the carpeting attachment did pretty well on hard flooring. The hard flooring attachment didn't do so well on our carpeting though, but that was to be expected.


Stand Out Features of the Simplicity S65:


1. Carpeting Attachment

  • LED Light!
  • Spinning Brush Roll
  • Easy to Clean

Simplicity S65 Carpeting Attachment

2. Hand Held Vacuum Conversion

  • Converts to a Hand Vacuum that is Lightweight
  • Handheld Unit Attaches to all Attachments This Model Came With
  • Ability to Clean Hard to Reach Places
  • Great for Use in Cars

Simplicity S65 Handheld Stick Vacuum

3. Adjustable Arm

  • Clean the Tops of Cabinets, Ceiling Fan Blades, Tall Furniture, etc.
  • Reach Under or Around Furniture, or in Hard to Reach Places


Simplicity S65 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Ceiling Fan Blades

 4. Handheld Upholstery Attachment 

  • Spinning Brush Roll for the Deepest Clean!
  • Able to Attach to Base of Wand or Base of Handheld Unit


Simplicity S65 Pet Upholstery Attachment

5. Included Wall Mount or Stand

  • Choose Between Wall Mounting this Unit or Leaving it on the Floor
  • All Attachments Stored in One Place!

Simplicity S65 wall mount

Other Reasons We Love the S65

Aside from the stand out features, we tested the S65 on battery life. It runs 15 minutes on high speed, and about 20-30 minutes on low speed. 


This model comes standard with a HEPA media filter- which is not reusable. We much prefer non-washable filters. When you have to hand wash filters, you are coming in contact with all of the debris that you have removed from your home. This is toxic to your body, and not hygenic. Also when you are washing filters, you need to ensure that you are letting them dry completely, or you risk damaging your vacuum's motor, or involving mold and/or mildew! 


Vacuums and water never mix! This is why we don't prefer washable filters.


This model also boasts an easy-to-empty dust bin. With one touch, the debris you collect is emptied directly into the trash can, and you never have to touch them. This limits your contact with harmful pathogens. 


The Simplicity S65 Stick Vacuum Cleaner is our top choice for a stick vacuum cleaner. This model is at an excellent price point, and it's many versatile attachments and accessories provide you with everything you need to clean the surfaces of your home.



Please note that this cordless vacuum is a perfect supplement to your canister or upright vacuum. With any stick vacuum cleaner, you will only have so much power. So these types of machines are ideal for those quick, in-between cleans and are great for hard to reach areas. Such as tops of cabinetry, tops of ceiling fans, and is great in automobiles. 


if you have any questions, Please Contact Us! Our helpful, US based customer service staff are available from 7:00am-5:00pm, Pacific Standard Time. 


Happy Vacuuming!